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With over 20 years in the stationery business, we at Interwell have consistently expanded our notebook category to better suit your needs.

hardcover notebook

hardcover notebook

A sturdy, stylish notebook with a solid protective cover. More durable than most paper covers.

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soft cover notebook

Soft Cover Notebook

The cover of this notebook is made of flexible paper rather than a traditional binding method. More portable but less durable than most notebook types.

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spiral notebook

Spiral notebook

This is a wire-bound journal, usually with perforated inner pages and 3 punch holes that can be converted to a binder.

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composition notebook

Composition Notebook

A type of marble notebook that is great for practicing handwriting! The inner pages are lined and used as a guide when writing.

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A4 Notebook

A4 Notebook

The standard size of this notebook is 8.25 x 11.7 inches. It can be made of any cover and finish.

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pocket notebook

pocket notebooks

They are compact, don't take up much space in your backpack, and can be easily slipped into your pocket - around 3.5 x 5.5 inches in size.

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lined notebook

Lined Notebooks

This is the most common inner paper type - a notebook with lines as a guide for handwriting. The lines are often printed with fine width and in a light color.

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blank notebook

Plain Notebook

This has no dots or line guides to follow. The inner pages are blank, allowing you to use them however you want.

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glitter notebook

Glitter Notebook

A shining, shimmering, splendid notebook! If you love an eye-catching journal, this is undoubtedly for you!

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unicorn notebook

unicorn Notebook

Cute and trendy diary for kids! It features a unicorn pattern that will surely make a statement.

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cute notebooks

cute notebooks

Journals with lovely designs and patterns. It can be of any shape, mostly smaller than regular notebooks.

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marble notebook

marble notebooks

A type of notebook whose covers are usually black and white with psychedelic design, complete with loops and swirls.

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pop it notebook

pop it notebook

This silicone notebook type is shaped and engineered to look, feel, and sound like popping bubble wrap. A great sensory notebook for your kids!

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business notebook

Business Notebooks

The custom business notebook is a must-have if you're starting a business project. It is the most efficient method of organizing and monitoring the progress of your various business concepts.

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recycled notebook

Recycled Notebook

Uses 98% fewer resources than new and virgin paper notebooks manufactured from newly cut trees in terms of water and electricity.

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leather notebook

leather notebook

Notebooks whose covers are made of leather. They are more sophisticated, formal, and durable than other options.

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subject notebook

Subject Notebook

Common for workers and students. This has a divider that is used for academic purposes to have a dedicated part of the notebook for a specific subject.

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dotted notebook

Dotted Notebook

Unlike Lined Notebooks, this type has dots instead of faint lines. The dots are also used as a guide for writing and even doodling!

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Through rigorous R&D efforts, Interwell Stationery constantly strives to raise the bar on product quality and industry innovation. Many certifications attest to our business's legitimacy and standing in the industry. Learn about what we can do and why you should work with us.

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Explore an array of customization options to design a notebook that aligns with your brand style.

case binding

Case Binding

Rigid, durable cover with sewn and glued internal pages.

saddle stitch

Saddle Stitched Binding

Stapled spine, professional look with wire staples securing the folded sheets.

perfect binding

Perfect Binding

Pages are glued to a wraparound cover for a neat finish.

offset paper

Offset Paper

Uncoated paper made from recycled waste that can be used in offset printing processes.

coated paper type

Coated Paper

High-quality printing paper with a finishing layer or coating applied during production. It is coated with glossy, semi-gloss, or matte finishes.

luxury paper

Luxury Paper

It has a distinct look and feels from other paper types. Available in various sheens and textures, including transparent, glossy, colorful, metallic, and coarse-grained.

coated paper

Gloss-coated Paper

Paper with a lot of sheens; therefore, the contrast and color spectrum are enhanced compared to matte or semi-gloss papers. It's recommended for full-color prints.

matte printing


Presents more subtly and smoothly than uncoated papers. Lacks glare making it a suitable choice for enhancing visual designs with a more muted layout and color combination.

uncoated paper

Uncoated Paper

Paper that has not been given any additional coating or paper finishing unreflective and suited for printed reading materials.

uv printing

UV Coating

Glossy Finish, which is sprayed with a fine chemical.

A4 Notebook

A4 Notebook

Ideal for visual artists, providing enough space for initial sketches and finished works that may be shown in a common 8.3 x 11.7 inches frame.

b5 notebook

B5 Notebook

Sometimes mistaken for a composition book, it contains plenty of pages for notes, drawings, layouts, and mementos. Measures 190 mm x 250 mm

A5 Notebook

A5 Notebook

Ideal for journaling, planning, organizing, habit monitoring, short story writing, and even sketching. Measures 145 mm x 210 mm

passport notebook

Passport Journal

It has a physical resemblance to a regular passport measuring 90 x 125 mm

debossing print


A process in which images and designs in paper and other materials are recessed.

silk printing

Screen Printing

Silk screen printing involves utilizing a mesh screen, ink, and a squeegee to imprint a stenciled image onto a surface.

die cut printing

Die-cut Printing

A steel-cutting die is used to cut thin, flat materials (paper) into precise shapes.

silk lamination

Silk Lamination

Gives materials a smooth, silky feel, is durable enough to withstand water and tears, and pairs well with eye-catching hues.

All-around Paper Notebook Solutions

Interwell Stationery offers a diverse range of wholesale notebooks and diaries to streamline your sourcing process. For customers on a budget, we offer cheap journals in bulk without compromising on quality, making us a go-to solution for all your stationery needs.

Established in 2003, we are among China's leading paper notebook manufacturers, FSC certified with advanced German printing technology, enabling a daily output of 30,000 custom notebooks.

Interwell collaborates with both emerging businesses and established stationery brands like Aldi, Lidl, and Keycraft to build and enhance their paper notebook offerings. We also have partnerships with notebook manufacturers in the USA, ensuring a global standard of quality and delivery.

# 1 Strict Paper Notebook Manufacturing Process

Interwell Stationery is dedicated to optimizing our paper notebook manufacturing system to provide a perfect trading experience for clients. Our factory passed USJ, Sedex, BSCI, and Disney FAMA Audits. We guarantee that all our paper notebook productions are under a high-level process.

Besides, Interwell is committed that all paper products we use are from FSC-registered suppliers to safeguard the natural areas and forests resource.

# 2 Free Graphic Design Support

Benefit from our complimentary graphic design services for notebook covers, inner pages, or packaging to enhance your product display. We do our best to deliver the best quality notebooks to boost your writing notebook brands.

# 3 Shipping and Warehousing Support

We understand that part customers may need a freight forwarder or warehouse in China. At Interwell, we also provide shipping and warehousing services for customers' quality paper notebook orders. Our large storehouse lets us keep your paper notebook goods dry and safe before delivery. Besides, we cooperate with experienced local freight forwarders to offer you a perfect shipping experience.

# 4 Trend Monitoring

A proper brand strategy can boost notebook sales by standing out from the competition. Interwell Stationery monitors the latest notebook news, designs, packages, and even data of customers' competitors to work out a perfect solution for your success. Leave us a message today, and let's bring your notebook business to the next level.

# 5 Complete School Supplies Solutions

Interwell offers a variety of stationery supplies to expand your product lines. We manufacture and wholesale quality ball pens, erasers, pencils, stationery sets, sticky notes, and more. Every single item we sell is high quality and complies with local testing standards. Check our latest catalog for your next business opportunity.

Print anything you want on our wide collection of stationery kits. Our experienced designer could help create a specific graphic if you only have a concept. Interwell Offers offset printing, UV printing, and pad printing; your logos and designs will be printed perfectly here.

Additionally, we offer a diverse range including wholesale custom spiral notebooks in various sizes that cater to our client's needs, including A5, medium, memo-sized, and A4 journals, even in custom shape sizes. If you are looking for a professional and one-stop paper supplier, Interwell is your trusted partner.

Easily Order Notebooks in Bulk with Custom Designs

Interwell's purpose is to relieve stress from the intensely competitive market. Create a complete sales process from the initial consultation through the delivery of post-purchase support. Our company offers various services to help you with your unique products.



We check for competitive prices and product samples from various manufacturers to find the best fit for our clients.



Our adept design team is ready to tackle any challenges in developing new products.



Upon receiving goods, we immediately put them to good use while keeping costs to a minimum.



Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility specializes in bulk notebook printing, with an expert workforce that allows us to produce 600,000+ notebooks monthly.

quality control

Quality Control

To guarantee the quality of our notebooks & planners, Interwell established a comprehensive testing protocol that includes both in-house and third-party inspections.



Through your product's lifecycle, Interwell will be there to offer you top-notch sales services.

Frequently Asked Questions


When can we expect the finished product?

Depending on the order size, production time ranges from 10 days for smaller orders to 35 days for bulk orders.


Do you provide samples?

Yes! There are various notebook sample types available. We have you covered whether you need to verify the dimensions of your notebooks or the quality of your artwork before it is printed.


How long does it take to ship?

Options for ocean shipping can take anything from 26 days to 71 days, while air shipping takes anywhere from 7 days to 12 days. You can split your shipments by air and sea to expedite your orders more quickly than others.


Where do you make your notebook?

While we source the raw materials for our notebooks from a group of reliable manufacturers in China, we produce everything in our vetted notebook factory.


What is your MOQ?

The MOQ for most custom-designed notebooks, planners, diaries, and journals is between 1,000 - 2,000 pcs. Also, we don't impose minimum order quantities on our stationery goods, so you can order just what you need for your new venture.


Can you help design custom notebooks & journals?

Yes! Our services are adaptable to meet your specific needs. Let us create the perfect notebook for you with our OEM and ODM services.

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