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Interwell offers many customers worldwide, including corporations, government agencies, schools, and small and medium-sized businesses.

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Innovative Range of Interwell Notebooks 

Interwell notebooks are the perfect choice for a reliable and versatile notebook. They are constructed from high-quality paper and offer a smooth writing surface that can easily take notes and sketches.

Lined Notebook

Lined Notebook

It comes with horizontal lines printed on the pages to help with handwriting. Depending on your writing preferences, the distance between each line provides more or less space. Use them to take notes, write down ideas, and organize information.

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Grid Notebook

Grid Notebook

Each page of this is grid-printed. A grid is a set of vertical and horizontal lines that sections off a page into smaller squares or rectangles. The dimensions of the squares and rectangles in a grid notebook might vary.

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Plain Journal

Plain Journal

The pages in this style are blank, without any lines or grids. There are no lines or dots on the pages, so users can express themselves creatively.

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Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal

In a Bullet Journal, or "BuJo" for short, you can keep track of your daily activities, your schedule for the month or week, your thoughts and feelings, your mental and physical well-being, and your short-term and long-term goals.

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These notebooks help people organize their lives, goals, and tasks. They usually contain sections for tracking progress, goals, tasks, reminders, and other notes. They are customizable to fit each individual's needs.

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Spiral Notebook

Spiral Notebook

Spiral Notebooks come with a metal or plastic spiral binding down the side. They generally have a cardboard cover, lined or unlined paper, and perforated pages that you can easily tear off.

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Strengthen Your Stationery Business with Tailored Support

We are one of the leading factories of stationery products in China, renowned for our commitment to excellence and our success in meeting customer requirements. Our broad selection of products and services allows our clients to reduce purchase costs and time.

  • All our paper products are environmentally safe, and all our raw materials are FSC certified.
  • Our 70,000-square-meter factory stands out with its comprehensive product line and expansive production space.
  • Our OEM services are customizable to accommodate businesses of any size. The monthly output of our notebook supplies is 600,000 pcs.
  • We have state-of-the-art slitting machines, rewinders, die-cutting machines, and a digital printing press, among other machines.
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The Interwell Standard

Every order is 100% risk-free.

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Cover Materials

The materials used for the covers have been carefully chosen to ensure the safety of your notebooks. We are very particular about our suppliers; therefore, we only buy raw cover materials from those we know can meet our high standards.

Binding Options

Binding Methods

By combining your vision with our cutting-edge tools and experienced staff, we can tailor every aspect of your notebook binding to your specifications. We have the answer to whether you prefer coils, adhesives, or stitches.

Full Color Print

Design Print

We provide a wide variety of printing options, including Pantone, CMYK, and RGB, so that you may personalize your notebook to your exact tastes and needs, down to the choice of material.

Notebooks Sizes

Notebooks Sizes

Make sure the size of your notebooks is appropriate for your market. To ensure maximum portability and usefulness, we will customize the precise details to suit your needs. The A and B series both come in standard sizing options.

Quality Paper Type

High-Quality Paper

Interwell's notebook paper grades are FSC-certified, guaranteeing the greatest quality and environmental friendliness.

Custom Package

Customized Packaging

We offer a variety of notebook packaging choices to meet the needs of manufacturers, wholesalers, and advertising agencies for use in their promotional efforts.

Complete Service From Concept to Production

We at Interwell value our customers very highly. Therefore, we offer extensive guidance to our customers as they create one-of-a-kind stationery. Our capabilities have always extended past the production of simply trendy notepads. Putting the consumer first has always been our number one goal. This part will give you a breakdown of everything we provide.

Interwell Designer

Research & Development

  • The professionals we employ for our development projects are the driving force behind our creative imagination in the stationery industry.
  • Before our production pros arrive at the office, our team is responsible for developing ideas to start working.
  • We ensure that as many perspectives and feasible suggestions are considered before settling on a new stationery solution.
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  • At the outset of each significant production cycle, we provide free samples to all our customers.
  • We tested representative samples to evaluate their robustness, aesthetic appeal, and overall quality.
  • Based on the assessment results, we will improve the quality of future samples.
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Ruled Notebook Production

  • The professionals at our facility are highly trained and use cutting-edge tools.
  • We provide customizable notebooks with a wide range of covers, styles, sizes, and binding options.
  • The cutting-edge machinery at our plant ensures that all of our lined notebooks are of the highest possible standard.
  • Custom mass production orders will be finished in 25-35 days once the deposit is received and a pre-production sample is approved.
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Quality Assurance

  • To ensure the highest quality, we check all incoming materials for flaws and test all final goods for precision and durability.
  • Our quality assurance team can ensure our services are always enhanced by closely monitoring the manufacturing process.
  • We maintain comprehensive records of all quality control inspections, testing, and audits for openness and accountability.
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  • We do client inspections and document the inspection results to prevent problems and ensure satisfaction.
  • We usually conduct checks once a day, once a week, or once a month.


  • Due to our Chinese manufacturing and distribution hub, we can serve clients across the globe, including in Europe, Asia, and the United States.
  • A third-party logistics provider manages our order fulfillment.
  • Interwell can efficiently process and dispatch customer orders with a well-defined chain of command.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dotted Notebook Features
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Dotted Notebook Features
  • Custom size, or choose from standard A4, A5, B5
  • Excellent FSC-vetted paper for fountain pens and inks
  • Provides a subtle guide for writing and drawing
  • Perfect for bullet journaling, note-taking
  • Sturdy binding, premium hardcover and PU leather cover are optional.

Our premium notebooks make note-taking, doodling, and brainstorming easier. Create a one-of-a-kind notebook with your design and branding using our custom design service.

Can you customize the dotted line notebook with my design?
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Yes, we can help customize your dotted notebook! We offer different printing options for the cover, such as foil stamping, debossing, and embossing.

We also provide various binding options, including saddle stitching and perfect binding.

Plus, we can provide various coating options, including gloss, matte, and UV. And, of course, we offer a variety of paper types, including lined, grid, and blank paper.

Feel free to contact us with any further customization needs you may have.

What is the MOQ?
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We require 1000-2000pcs to provide the customer best dot grid notebook at a competitive factory price.

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