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Our manufacturing house is accredited with BSCI and Sedex for social compliance management. We produce our pocket notebooks in-house with fast turnaround times. Quality items at low prices, guaranteed!

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Our goal is to help businesses of all sizes in the stationery industry. We give them access to wholesale pricing that will help them launch or expand their stationery business. Depending on the needs of our customers, we can fulfill small and large orders.

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Bespoke Notebooks & Journals Solutions

Exceptional quality at a reasonable price, alongside fresh perspectives and unparalleled customer care. Here are some pocket notebooks styles we can craft for you.

Leather Pocket Notebook

Leather Pocket Notebook

Pocket notebooks made of leather are highly convenient due to their compact size and portability. It can be crafted from genuine full-grain or synthetic leather. This style presents an air of refined formality, a fantastic addition to your collection of office supplies.

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Pocket Spiral Notebooks

Pocket Spiral Notebooks

This small notepad is convenient to carry around. The spiral wire binding makes the pages easy to turn and allows the notebook to lay flat for easy writing.

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Pocket Notepad

Pocket Notepad

Pocket notepads are usually 3.5 x 5.5 inches in size. An elastic closure and a handy pen loop are optional. If you plan on having a lot of pages in your notepad, selecting a hardcover is ideal.

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Pocket Planner

Pocket Planner

Record your appointments, meetings, and important occasions using this pocket notebook. It features a daily and monthly calendar, a to-do list, and contact information that you can use to keep track of your schedules. A convenient tool to stay on top wherever you are!

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Cute Small Notebooks

Cute Small Notebooks

Interwell Stationery supplies small notebooks with cute covers. Design options include narwhal, unicorn, dinosaur, galaxy, lemon, etc. You can also print Disney designs since we have Disney FAMA certifications.

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Mini Journals

Mini Journals

Use these pocket-sized diaries to jot down your ideas, reflections, and doodles. This one is simpler to carry due to its compact design. Some mini journals feature a built-in pen and elastic closure.

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The Easiest Way to Source Pocket Size Notebooks

Interwell is an industry leader with 20 years of experience in office supplies. We listen carefully to your concerns and work with you to develop solutions that boost efficiency, reduce expenses, and drive your business to the top. Customers' constant expressions of satisfaction fuel our never-ending pursuit of perfection.

  • Our in-house team includes purchasing, sales, customer service, technical prepress, and quality control specialists.
  • You can choose from our site's many different notebooks, pens, pencil cases, and other stationery items.
  • Notebook covers and interior pages are printed on 100% recycled paper or paper from sustainably sourced pulp.
  • Better accessibility to high-quality office supplies through a streamlined order and shipping process.
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Interwell Workers

The Interwell Standard

Dedicated to helping stationery brands succeed.

cover material types

Cover Materials

The cover of our pocket notebook is customizable and may be made from paper, plastic, leather, fabric, and more. Color and design options are also limitless.

Binding Options

Binding Styles

Our state-of-the-art machines and equipment can accomplish all of the binding methods. Choose from various binding options, including spiral, case, perfect binding, and more.

Full Color Print

Printing Option

Put your brand color scheme in our notepads. Whatever color scheme you need to print in, we can accommodate it. We print in RBG, CMYK, and Pantone for precise color-matching.

Notebooks Sizes

Notebook Sizes

3.5" x 5" is the typical size for our pocket notebooks. However, you can always go that route if you have other size requirements.

Quality Paper Type

Quality Paper Types

Our company is FSC-accredited. Thus, we exclusively use recycled and tree-free paper. Interwell's paper is of the highest quality because it is acid-free, meaning it won't yellow or deteriorate with time. It's also thicker, coming in at 80 gsm or higher.

Custom Package


Before shipping, we give each order special attention to ensure it arrives safely. We take extra precautions by wrapping it in a strong carton box and bubble wrap before shipping.

We Create Private Label Stationery for Brands

Creating your product will be a seamless and rewarding process with Interwell's full-service solution; you'll need to provide our staff with the specifications and goals you have for your stationery products, and we'll take care of the rest. Through our Full-Service approach, we'll handle every step of developing and manufacturing top-notch items for your company.

Interwell Designer

Research & Design

  • Collaborates directly with clients to improve existing designs and develop innovative pocket notebooks that can easily adapt to modern production methods, machinery, print techniques, and stock assembly.
  • We listen to what the final consumers think of the design and offer suggestions to the customers on how to improve it.
  • We provide structured design recommendations and a "greener" product range: eco-friendly and certified.
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  • Before printing a physical sample, we double-check that the art file you sent us is perfect.
  • Our engineer creates a blueprint mockup to check the orientation and placement of the logo before sending over photos and text for approval.
  • We provide pre-production samples complete with printing and the entire process to check the quality of the final product before mass production.
  • 5 -7 days for leather pocket journal samples
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  • We have a Computer-to-Plate (CT) technology and 5-color and 6-color presses to ensure accurate registration and high-quality press-ready plates.
  • At the color-correcting step, dieline film ensures the graphics, logos, and texts are in the right place before printing.
  • After clients or press masters approve the sample, the printed sheets are labeled with technical data.
  • Customized orders require 25-35 days if the quantity is within 50,000 pcs.
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Quality Control

  • The materials, production, and final packaging of all new items are put through a series of tests in our China factory before they are distributed.
  • Every new project begins with a pre-production meeting attended by Sales, Product Director, Engineer, Production Team, and QC.
  • Before beginning mass manufacturing, potential difficulties and specific concerns are addressed and planned out.
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  • Our quality control inspectors regularly visit assembly lines to check progress and ensure consistent quality.
  • Immediate, effective measures are taken to remedy any issues that arise.


  • Each member of our shipping and warehouse staff has been trained to load the floor and pallet properly.
  • To maximize the efficiency of each FCL shipment, our shipping staff meticulously calculates the cargo capacity of each container.
  • Ship cases are fastened to pallets with corner guards, a plywood pallet lid, plastic straps, a corrugated board strap, and stretch film.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pocket Notebook Features
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  • Mini Compact Size: A5, B6, A6, B7, A7.
  • Portable, convenient, and useful, perfect to fit in a pocket or bag
  • Features soft paper, felt, leather or hardcover cover with FSC-certified inner paper
  • Ruled, Lined, Dotted inner page options
  • Detailed sewn or coil binding
  • Elastic closure
Do you offer personalization of pocket notebooks?
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Pocket Notebook Features

Of course! We are an OEM stationery manufacturer, and customization is our field of expertise.

Cover Styles for Best Pocket Notebooks

  • Hardcover: has a stiff, rigid cover. More durable and longer-lasting than softcover notebooks
  • Soft Cover: Flexible, Pliable cover. It is lighter and more compact than hardcover notebooks.
  • Leather: Classic and professional in appearance. A strong and long-lasting material that can withstand wear and tear. You can emboss, deboss, and foil stamp your logo in this material.
  • Felt: It is typically made from wool but can also be made from other fibers such as fur, silk, or synthetic materials. It is resistant to tearing and abrasion and can hold well to regular use.
  • Cloth: Offers versatility. Comes in a wide range of colours, prints, and textures, so you can choose a cover that matches your style. It can also be easily printed or embroidered, allowing you to customize your cover with a design or message.

Best Pocket Notebook Size

Pocket notebooks are small notebooks made to be carried easily in a pocket. They are smaller than standard notebooks and are perfect for making quick notes or sketches wherever.

Sizes of pocket notebooks vary, but some of the most common are:

  • 3.5 inches by 5.5 inches (approx. 9 cm by 14 cm): The size of this notebook is the standard size of pocket notebooks. Although the "Pocket" size may be too large for a dress shirt's pocket, it is perfect for a suit jacket or pant pocket. Like the B7, you can use the pocket to create a list and keep a data record on the go. In addition, the larger paper space is better for doodling and outlining.
  • 3.5 inches x 4.9 inches (approx. 9 cm by 12 cm): Often referred to as the "passport size," the B7 is compact enough to fit in a front or back pocket. Perfect for jotting down notes and keeping track of to-do lists in a hurry.
  • 4 inches by 6 inches (approx. 10 cm by 15 cm): This size is often referred to as A6. It's compact enough to carry in a pocket and has plenty of room for notes. Use this portable notepad to jot down meeting notes and the day's tasks and keep track of your schedule.
  • 4.9 inches x 6.9 inches (approx. 12 cm by 18 cm): The B6-sized notebook is the largest of the pocket-friendly options. A thin notebook is preferable if you carry it in a pocket.  The Interwell is a 252-page notepad that can make it difficult to fit in your back pocket.

Typically, notebooks of this size can be carried in a pocket or a small backpack yet still offer enough room for writing or doodling. Whatever notebook size you like, Interwell can do it for you!

What is your MOQ?
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The MOQ for the custom-designed pocket sized notebook is 2000 pcs.

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