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Established in 2003, Interwell has solidified its reputation as a distinguished stationery supplier in China.

Our extensive portfolio comprises various products, from pens, erasers, and drawing materials to notebooks, sticky notes, and pencil leads, catering to a broad spectrum of writing and creative needs.

Interwell's commitment to quality remains at the core of our operations as a trusted stationery provider.

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Our Founders' Vision

Su - Interwell Founder

Su, Co-founder

"Individual commitment to a group effort makes a team work, turning dreams into reality."

As a co-founder of our company, Su brings a deep understanding of the stationery supplies industry and product development to the table.

Before launching this venture, Su served as a product manager at one of China's most successful stationery companies, where they gained an exceptional grasp of the industry's intricacies.

Su is committed to leveraging this knowledge and experience to elevate our supply chain, ensuring we can deliver top-quality products to our clients efficiently and effectively.

Kevin, Chief Merchandising Officer

Kevin, Chief Merchandising Officer

"An efficient supply chain is the backbone of any successful product-focused company."

Kevin, another company co-founder, mirrors Su's expertise and passion for the stationery supplies industry.

Also a former product manager at a prominent stationery firm, Kevin deeply understands product development and market dynamics.

He is dedicated to shaping our company as an industry leader by creating innovative, high-quality products that meet our client's evolving needs.

Our Journey and Achievements

Over the past 20 years, we have made significant strides in the stationery supplies industry. Our founders' vast experience and our team's dedication have been instrumental in shaping our journey. We've learned, grown, and evolved, striving to better serve our clients and contribute to the industry.

global reach

Global Reach

Our products and services have made their way to various corners of the world, with clients praising our quality, reliability, and commitment. This global reach is a testament to our ability to understand and cater to diverse market needs.

research and development

Innovation at the Forefront

We firmly believe innovation is key to staying relevant and competitive in today's rapidly changing business landscape. Hence, we invest heavily in research and development, consistently pushing the boundaries of what's possible in stationery supplies.

quality control

Respected Industry Player

Our deep industry knowledge, consistent, high-quality products, and exceptional customer service have earned us the respect of our peers and clients. We are proud to be a trusted stationery supply industry player and are committed to upholding this reputation.

Transforming Stationery with Interwell

Interwell is your one-stop shop for custom stationery supplies, offering bespoke solutions and exceptional, streamlined service. Our team of creative structural designers and dedicated professionals is here to help you create a lasting impression on your clients.

Interwell Staff - Li
Interwell Staff - Jiang
Interwell Staff - Camy
Interwell Staff - Leo
Interwell Staff - Lucia
Interwell Staff - Bruce
Interwell Staff - Su
Interwell Staff - Wang
Interwell Staff - Yuan
Interwell Staff - Zhou
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Quality, Sustainability, and Support: The Interwell Promise

Experience the Interwell difference with our commitment to sustainability, personalized services, and exceptional stationery solutions.

Championing Eco-Conscious Practices

We minimize the environmental footprint of our products by favoring renewable and recyclable resources, embodying our commitment to eco-conscious stationery manufacturing.

Tailored Support from Industry Experts

Our stationery specialists work closely with you to understand your goals, providing unparalleled, personalized service for your unique project.

Endless Possibilities

With Interwell, enjoy boundless possibilities for your stationery items. We ensure your products stand out while guaranteeing a seamless collaboration from concept to production.

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