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Interwell Stationery - Since 2003

Interwell is a leading supplier of back-to-school, licensed stationery in China. This company has produced and exported stationery items for 19 years as a manufacturing and trading combo. Up to now, Interwell has shipped to many countries throughout Eastern Asia, Western Europe, North America, and South America.

Licheng Stationery, Interwell's factory with 50+ staff, manufactures these products through a highly efficient, continuous flow process. Since beginning operation in 2013, it has earned a good reputation for the quality of its products. Based on the modern facilities and experienced team, This factory manufactures more than 1,000,000 stationery supplies per month.

Interwell takes the safety of our products very seriously. We developed a rigorous internal and external safety testing system to ensure the conformity of all products. Responsible quality is core to who we are and what we do. Our products comply with multiple standards, including BSCI, FSC, Sedex, USJ, Disney Fama, etc.

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Fulfill Your Ideas for Brands

Interwell has been in the stationery industry for a long time. We always keep on optimizing our manufacturing facility and procedures to keep production effective and competitive.

Our stationery experts offer full industry knowledge to support your school supply projects. Whether you already have a stationery brand or want to start your small stationery business, we guarantee you enjoy the perfect one-stop stationery supplies service here.

From the primary concept, research, design, sourcing, manufacturing, quality control, and shipping support, each stage will be taken care of carefully by our experienced team.



We secure quotes and samples from multiple manufacturers to select the right match for our customers. We are very restricted to the factory's qualifications, including quality control, human rights, etc.

research & development

Research & Development

Our R&D Division monitors market trends to offer customized strategies for our clients. Our team of product designers and engineers is ready to assist throughout the product development process, from planning to completion.



We help clients spend less time in creation! Our design team has a wealth of experience in product Graphic Design and 3D Design (the most creative in the industry!). Let us know your idea; we will take care of the rest.



Our factory - a combined facility of over 70,000 square feet, mainly produces back-to-school and licensed stationery. And our factory is audited by BSCI, FSC, Disney FAMA, and Sedex.

quality control

Quality Control

Interwell developed rigorous safety testing systems to ensure the conformity of all our products. Besides, we have seasoned internal auditors to conduct a professional inspection and give a detailed report on all possible defects.

storage and logistics

Storage and Logistics

A self-owned warehouse is a big advantage for storing and supervising products. We make sure every single item is well packed and stocked properly. Plus, the on-time delivery service ensures you have a wonderful logistic experience.

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Benefit from Stationery Experts

Licheng Stationery, Interwell's wholly-owned factory, has been in the Stationery Industry since 2013. With years of experience, we understand that the right product and the religious manufacturing system help your company stand out from the competition.

Serve Your Order with Heart

We optimize every production process to provide you with the perfect sample and mass production products.

Endless Possibilities

We never stop to update our products with the latest trends and technology.

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Quality Material

We aim to control product quality from the beginning of production. Our plastic raw material is directly supplied by Sinopec Group, 100% brand new and non-toxic.

The incoming material inspection will be audited carefully by our QC team to guarantee all production components comply with standards.

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Precise Injection Mold

Perfect molds ensure our stationery components get away from defects.

Our CAD designer and mold engineers are filled with experience and knowledge; they guarantee all molds at our factory are adjusted and tested thoroughly before manufacturing.

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Streamlined Production

Interwell Stationery aims to offer customers specialized manufacturing support with superior stationery solutions.

Our knowledgeable workers never compromise on product quality and shipping time; they always think deeply about optimizing the production process before manufacturing.

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Tailored Packing Solution

We offer outstanding packing solutions to all of our customers. Packing Quality and on-time shipping are basic requirements here.

Our Factory is equipped with two non-dusty and two standard packaging lines. Based on years of experience, we can handle urgent and complex packing requirements methodically.

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