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Working with a reliable stationery set supplier is the best choice when you need high-quality stationery built from scratch per your designs and quality standards. If you want to distinguish your brand from others, Interwell is the way to go.

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The Easiest Way to Source Custom Stationery Sets

Interwell manufacture stationery items for back to school and office supply. Developed over the years, we seamlessly integrate the injection, printing, inspection, and packaging process. We keep optimizing manufacturing lines to establish a healthy producing environment.

kids stationery set

Kids Stationery Set

The designs of this set are usually bright and colorful patterns like animals, superheroes, princesses, and imaginary creatures such as dragons, unicorns, or mermaids. It is fun and engaging to appeal to children's interests and imagination.

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stationery box set

Stationery Box Set

This set typically includes various stickers, notebooks, and paper clips that are often organized in a compact paper box or carrying case, making it easy to keep everything organized in one place.

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stationery gift set

Stationery Gift Set

Our gift set is packaged in premium sleeves and gift boxes. You can mix and match it with our stationery products and our most-loved pens, journals, and notebooks. Personalize a pair for yourself or your favorite paper person.

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cute stationery set

Cute Stationery Set

Characterized by its playful and appealing design, this set includes colorful patterns and adorable characters or themes. The stationery supplies are also coordinated to match the overall theme of the set.

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office stationery set

Office Stationery Set

An office kit can contain pen holders, binder clips, tape, paper clips, pens, post-it notes, staplers, etc., which can meet your office needs. We can also include a shrink bag or container for convenient storage and carrying.

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desk stationery set

Desk Stationery Set

Our desk stationery set includes compartments (widgets+ drawer), a pencil holder, and desktop accessories like binders, pins, and paper clips for sorting and storage.

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mini stationery set

Mini Personal Stationery Sets

People who are constantly on the move, like students or vacationers, will love the portability of this set. Novelty items like stapler or tape dispenser with cute patterns are also available in this mini stationery set.

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hello kitty stationery set

Hello Kitty Stationery Set

Hello Kitty's trademark red ribbon and endearing facial features are featured on various school supplies in this adorable set. This set is a popular gift and collectible for both children and adults.

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girls stationery set

Girls Stationery Set

This school and office supply collection is decorated with themes and colors that are popular with girls, such as princesses, rose gold, or pastel colors. If you're looking for one-of-a-kind or personalized girl stationery, choose this selection.

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unicorn stationery set

Unicorn Stationery Set

Our variety of stationery sets also includes mythical creatures like unicorns. Customize your school or office supplies with our unique unicorn-themed designs. A perfect choice for the school supply project.

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disney stationery set

Disney Princess Stationery Set

Our FAMA Disney license allows us to manufacture Disney-themed stationery. You can create a one-of-a-kind, personalized stationery set from iconic Disney princesses to the most recent films, such as Frozen, Moana, and Star Wars.

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Serving a Wide Range of Clients with Tailored Stationery Solutions

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Benefit From Your Committed Stationery Set Manufacturer

With 20 years of experience, we have developed innovative stationery solutions that set us apart from the competition. Satisfy your customers with products from a reliable manufacturer like Interwell. Choose us for exceptional products and services.

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Flexible sampling options

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Proven stationery solutions supplier since 2003

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Environmentally-friendly material

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Competitive pricing

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Stringent quality control measures with FSC, Sedex, USJ, BSCI certificates

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Expert shipping services

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Interwell Workers
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Get Personalized Stationery Items in Bulk

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100% Tailor-Made

We offer customizable stationery sets to fit your budget and needs, allowing you to choose the right mix of school items and accessories. We can incorporate your logo, name, and business tagline in your supplies.

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Professional Quality Printing

Our personalized stationery is printed on premium paper for a polished final product using sophisticated printing methods. We offer full-color printing, guaranteeing that your ideas and logo will pop off the page.

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Promotion & Marketing

Promote your brand and spread the word about your business through our wide range of bespoke options to support your trade show, exhibition, or corporate events.

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Fulfill Your Kawaii Stationery Sets Needs

Interwell is a leading stationery manufacturer offering infinite design, style, and accessory options. Our team can customize pens, notebooks, pencils, etc., to your specifications, or you choose from our range of pre-designed sets. We at Interwell are committed to being your No.1 source for creative stationery solutions.

colorful paper box

Colorful Paper Box

This is made of cardboard with fun, bright, and playful graphic designs. You can coordinate your creative design on this packaging.

blister card

Blister Card

Secure your stationery items in a hard plastic tray sealed to a cardboard backing. This is suitable for smaller items like writing tools. The key advantage of this packaging is it allows your items to be displayed on a store shelf or pegboard.

pvc bag


A resealable closure, such as a zipper top or press-seal top, is the main feature of this packaging. It's see-through, like a blister card, so you can see what's inside. On the downside, it's entirely plastic with no cardboard support.

gift box

Gift Box

A gift box will be your best option if you want more sophisticated and high-end-looking packaging. It is hard and long-lasting, typically featuring a foldable lid and a base tray to keep contents safe.

unicorn stationery set


Print your notebooks, pens, and stickers with unicorn-themed designs or glitter decorations for a whimsical touch.

dinosaur stationery


The young ages are fond of dinosaur prints. Print it in a realistic or cartoonish style with different dinosaur species.

mermaid stationery


This pattern's elements can be mermaid tails or seashells. If you want a more well-known character in your notebook, you can print out Ariel, the mermaid princess from Disney.

holiday stationery set


Print your notebooks with Christmas-themed patterns such as Santa Claus, reindeer, or snowflakes. These can be great for writing down your holiday gift list or jotting down memories from the season.

Customize Your Stationery for any Holiday Project

We can feature many holiday prints on your notebooks, pens, stickers, erasers, and pencil cases to add a festive touch to your stationery. During Halloween, you can print notebooks with spooky patterns, such as ghosts, bats, or jack-o'-lanterns. These can be great for taking notes in class or jotting down ideas for your costume.

Back-to-school prints can be fun to kick off the new school year. These notebooks may feature designs such as school supplies, apples, or motivational phrases.

During the winter holiday season, a festive print will be best. Winter holiday prints might have designs like menorahs and dreidels for Hanukkah, fireworks, or champagne glasses for New Year's.

For Easter, you can add fancy designs such as bunnies, eggs, or pastel colors. At the same time, there are many fun and colorful prints to choose from for the summer season, such as palm trees, shells, or sunshine. Other summer prints may include patterns with fruit, ice cream, or other warm-weather motifs.

No matter what holiday you're celebrating, we have a stationery item with a fun and festive print to match.



Pens are necessary for business professionals to always have on hand for taking notes in meetings and recording important points. It is essential to choose a variety of pens with different ink colors to suit different occasions.



A notebook is a book with blank or lined pages used for writing, drawing, or recording information. It comes in various sizes and styles, with a cover made of paper, cardboard, or leather, and is bounded differently.

pencil bag

Pencil Bag

This small, portable case is used to store and carry pencils, pens, and other writing instruments. These bags are usually made of fabric or leather and have a zipper closure to secure your pens.



Keep your writing and drawings clean and legible by using an eraser. Erasers are made of rubber, plastic, and vinyl, among other things, and are made to be used on paper.



A writing instrument made of a thin rod of graphite encased in wood or other materials. It is used for writing, drawing, and sketching and comes in various grades or hardness, from very soft to very hard.

pencil sharpener

Pencil Sharpener

This handy tool sharpens pencils by grinding away the wood and graphite tip to produce a sharp, pointed end. Handheld, electric, and desk-mounted pencil sharpeners are all available to fit the wide variety of pencil sizes on the market today.

paper clips

Paper Clips

These are small, bent metal wires that hold sheets together. They are typically made of steel or other metal alloys and are shaped into a loop or series of loops to hold the paper securely.



A ruler is a flat, straight tool used to measure length or draw straight lines. Rulers are typically made of wood, plastic, or metal and are marked with units of measurement, such as inches or centimeters.

Custom Stationery Set Ordering Process

As one of China's most prominent stationery producers since 2003, we have a long track record of success in the industry. Our team is well-versed in production, from conceptualization and design to distribution and marketing.



Interwell researches the market to identify trustworthy vendors, negotiates contracts and rates, and ensures the quality of the supplied raw materials.



We can work with any file type you send us, so get your artwork to us. We promise to keep you updated and work directly with you to make your idea to life.



To ensure that we accurately capture the client's concept in our products, we create a prototype and provide it to the client for review and feedback. This process typically takes 3-5 days.



We guarantee that the finished stationery kits you receive will look exactly like your approved sample. We are equipped to handle orders of all sizes, from small batches for personal use to large quantities for business purposes.

quality control

Quality Control

To ensure that our high standards are always met, our products undergo stringent testing by our quality assurance team before being released for shipment.



Pick from various guaranteed on-time delivery options. All orders come with real-time tracking updates, so you know exactly where your package is at all times.

Frequently Asked Questions


Can I create personalized stationery with my artwork?

Yes. Customized stationery is our specialty. We have the knowledge, equipment, resources, and ability to handle huge production runs and offer customization.


Where can I add my design?

You can add your artwork depending on the type of accessory you want. The packaging, notebook covers, and pen barrels may all be customized with your unique designs.


What is the MOQ I can order for my business?

We can help you launch your business immediately at a low cost. Our standard MOQ is 2,000 - 3,000 pcs.


Are samples available?

We constantly provide free samples before going into full production. Larger sample sizes may incur costs, although our smaller sample sizes are typically free of charge.


Where do you make your personalized stationery set?

Our BSCI-recognized plant is home to our manufacturing facility. Feel free to visit our facility and observe the production of your purchases firsthand.


What is your production lead time?

The typical manufacturing time is between 20 and 35 days for customized items. The processing and packaging time for sample orders is capped at 7 days.

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