Grow your Stationery Business with Custom Packaging Solutions

Packaging is a crucial part of any company's success. Use custom-printed boxes to tell your brand's story and make a strong first impression on your customers. Among the many options available in the market are corrugated boxes, box inserts, mailers, and more. Great for new enterprises, established ones, and upscale packaging needs.

The Ultimate Guide to Your Packaging Needs

Do you want your stationery store to stand out from the competition? Interwell's design staff can assist in making that happen. Not only can we print and make your stationery products to perfection, but we can also guide you on the best packaging needs for your products, like adding inserts, dividers, and partitions to increase their effectiveness and add credibility to your stationery packaging strategy.

Brown Kraft

Brown Kraft

These are the standard brown corrugated parcels that everyone uses. Kraft cardboard is cheap and provides your project with a natural feel. These boxes are among the most eco-friendly options for packing because they are frequently made from recycled materials. Ideal for white and black print. Moreover, it improves the contrast of other printing methods like foil stamping.

White Cardboard

White Cardboard

This option has a more streamlined appearance and will allow for more vibrant graphics. Likewise, white corrugated boxes give off an air of sophistication.



This elevates your packaging to the next level of sophistication. The paper coating can be done inside and out, with various colors available. The box inside will be finished in plain white if you choose not to coat it.

Clay Coated News Back (CCNB)

Clay Coated News Back (CCNB)

CCNB is a type of duplex paperboard, meaning that one side is coated with white kaolin clay for crisp printing, while the other is a natural brown or grey kraft substance. It is widely used in the manufacturing of packaging materials like cardboard boxes.

Polyethylene Foam

Polyethylene Foam

PE is one of the most widely used plastics. It can be bought in large quantities at a fair price and used in many ways. PE refers to a wide range of plastic grades which share the same low density and thermo plasticity. Structural differences allow them to be used in a variety of contexts. Polyethylene foam has no negative effects on the environment, the skin, or the body.

Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA)

Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA)

The luxurious foam box inserts in high-end retail packaging are made from ethylene-vinyl acetate. The best packaging option for fragile or expensive items is EVA foam because of its durability and ability to dampen the shock.


Cardboard is reinforced using corrugation, sometimes known as a flute. A corrugated board is created when these are bonded together in wavy lines on a paperboard sheet.

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E-flute: The flute thickness of 1.2-2mm makes it the most popular choice.
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B-flute: Perfect for shipping bulky and heavy items. 2.5-3mm thick flutes.
PMS Colors

PMS Colors

The best option for thin lines or metallic or fluorescent colors.



Perfect for full-color photos or needing a lot of different colors.

  • UV coating -  a non-biodegradable plastic coating that prevents breaks and rips in your graphics. A great option to draw attention to a certain part of the design, such as a logo or tagline.
  • AQ finish - Eco-friendly coating but provides only moderate security
  • Glossy Aqueous Coating - An elegant sheen that brings out the most in your box's special hues. Utilized most effectively in designs when several images are required.
  • Matte Aqueous Coating - Produces a refined, understated sheen.
  • High-Gloss UV Coating - Provides a glossy, finished look to your packaging. The ultraviolet (UV) coating provides added defense against blemishes.
  • Matte -  Softer and less reflective appearance
  • Glossy - Highly reflective. Fingerprint prone
  • Satin - Semi-shiny
  • Soft touch - Velvety-look

Top 10 Stationery Packaging Solutions

1. Mailer Boxes

If you've ever placed an online order, you're probably familiar with the mailer box. In the e-commerce industry, mailer boxes have dual purposes: gift boxes and promotional mailing packaging. Mailer boxes will be an effective packaging for any stationery subscription box.

Benefits of Mailer Boxes

  • Customizable inside and outside the box: Establish your brand identity by creating an original design. You can put your logo, tagline, and branding colors.
  • Gives your customers an Instagram-worthy unboxing experience
  • Easy to assemble, durable, and sturdy
  • Lower shipping cost because they are delivered flat

Features of Mailer Boxes

  • Materials Options: E-flute, B-flute, CCNB, Brown Kraft
  • Numerous design options
  • Compatible with a wide range of items
  • Packages that don't weigh you down
  • Secure, self-locking packaging
  • Packages with extremely versatile options

4 Types of Mailer Boxes

mailer box
standard mailer box


Earlock mailer boxes, adhesive-free

front tuck

Front Tuck

No dust flap, with earlocks, adhesive-free

RETT Boxes

RETT Boxes

No ear locks, no dust flaps, adhesive-free



With dust flaps, no earlocks, With adhesive

2. Folding Carton Boxes

Folding carton boxes, sometimes called "custom product boxes," are paperboard boxes typically used for single packaging items (e.g., pens, pencils, highlighters, and paper clips). In most cases, one or both ends of the box will have a tuck flap. Since folding cartons can be printed on both sides, they provide the ideal package for showcasing your brand's message. If you’re looking for an additional selection of wholesale office supplies such as pens, pencils, and paper clips, check out the catalog of these products at Trinity Packaging Supply.

Folding Carton Boxes

Benefits of Folding Carton Boxes

  • Cardstock Material, white and brown kraft
  • Lightweight, suitable for display
  • Easy to customize. You can choose your preferred dimension, material, color, design, etc.
  • Great for brand recognition
  • Convenient additions are available, including perforations, hang holes, window openings, etc.
  • Easy to assemble

    Card Thickness

    • 270 gsm = 14 pt -  thicker and more durable version of regular business card material. Optimal for lightweight objects like paper clips.
    • 350gsm = 16 pt - Thicker and stiffer than regular cardstock. Ideal for things of moderate size.
    • 400gsm = 18 pt - Rigid cardstock of a little heavier weight. Ideal for things of moderate size.
    • 460gsm = 24 pt - A high paper thickness is available for packaging. Its spacious interior allows you to store a wide variety of objects, even if they're bulky or heavy.
    card thickness

    3 Styles of Folding Cartons

    Straight Tuck End Box

    Straight Tuck End Box

    Tuck ends are located on both the top and bottom of the box. It is preferable if products may be placed in the box from either end.

    Reverse Tuck End (RTE) Boxes

    Reverse Tuck End (RTE) Boxes

    Features a concealed top flap that opens from the bottom, making them convenient for buyers.

    Snap Lock Bottom Box

    Snap Lock Bottom Box

    Features a foldable and locking bottom and a tuckable top. Perfect for items that weigh a little more.

    3. Rigid Boxes

    Rigid boxes, commonly called "Set-Up Boxes," are widely used for packaging and are frequently linked with high-end items. Rigid boxes are normally not directly printed and are four times thicker than a standard folding carton. Instead, they are wrapped in paper, which can be as simple or elaborate as the buyer prefers.

    Rigid containers include two primary components: the lid and the base (top and bottom). It can be found in various sizes and shapes, including square, rectangular, round, triangular, V-shaped, etc. However, rigid box designs are typically classified and identified by the lid used in the packaging industry.

    rigid box

    Benefits of Rigid Boxes

    • Superior in appearance and construction quality
    • It brings out the best in the product and makes it feel even more premium
    • Exquisitely refined and silky to the touch exteriors
    • A consistent magnetic locking mechanism
    • Elegant, even with no perplexing graphics

    Features of Rigid Boxes

    • Material Options: White and brown kraft
    • Eye-catching branding options
    • Long-lasting safety for the product
    • Exceptional long-term stability
    • Favored because of its adaptability


    • 1mm boards – The most economical option; however, they're extremely flimsy and can only be used for tiny boxes.
    • 1.5mm boards - improves box durability for packages of medium to large size
    • 2mm boards – Sturdy, durable, and most premium

    Rigid Boxes Styles

    Rigid Hinge Lid Box

    Often referred to as "book form boxes" or "rigid setup boxes," these boxes may be opened and closed similarly to a book.

    • Flip-top Hinge Lid Box -  To add a touch of class, allure, and professionalism to your stationery products—and to make them suitable for gift wrapping when given to loved ones—consider having bespoke flip-top boxes made with a sleek opening flap on top and a magnetic latch.
    • Book Style Rigid Box - When it's closed, it looks like a standard book. This design aesthetic is frequently seen on the packaging of high-end.
    • Clamshell Style - appears not only in rigid boxes but also in a wide variety of other forms of packing. This design is commonly used for folding cartons, thermoform, and blister packs in addition to corrugated boxes.
    rigid hinge lid box

    Telescope Rigid Boxes

    Rigid packages with a lid and a tray are commonly referred to as "rigid telescope packs." They have a cover that may be vertically removed from the tray or box. These are the most common kinds of packaging. The dimensions are such that the lid opens slowly. Considering their base and lid, each has four sides. It serves to safeguard whatever is inside.

    full telescope lid

    Full Telescope Lid

    The FTD, or "two-piece tray," consists of a top and bottom section. A "full-depth top," as commonly called, is a top that slides entirely over a base to add depth to the latter's sides and ends. The top is put together using corner adhesive or staples.

    partial cover

    Partial Cover Telescope Lid

    A Full Telescope Case with slots on either the top or bottom.

    4. Packaging Insert Boxes

    Protecting your goods during shipment requires custom box inserts, often called packaging inserts or packaging inlays. Depending on the product, these may be paper, cardboard, or foam.

    Custom inserts have a dual purpose: to protect the box's contents and enhance the unwrapping experience by stylishly showcasing the items. Packaging inserts are a convenient technique to arrange the contents of a box so that everything is displayed in the ideal fashion.

    insert box

    Advantages of Packaging Insert Boxes

    • They guarantee that stationery products remain undisturbed and safe in transit.
    • They save time during packaging, which results in decreased labor expenses.
    • Customers greatly appreciate the safe delivery of products, and they help to achieve this goal.
    • They lighten loads and save money on transportation expenses.
    • They can be altered to better publicize a company's name.
    • A great means to give product and business information

    Features of Packaging Insert Boxes

    • Material Options: E-flute, B-flute, White Paper, Brown Kraft Paper, Clay Coated News Back (CCNB), Polyethylene Foam, Ethylene Vinyl Acetate Foam
    • Thickness: 300 -400 gsm
    • Perfect for the brand tie-up
    • Increase customer loyalty
    • Highly targeted product packaging at a low cost

    Type of Packaging Insert Boxes

    No-Backing Box Insert

    It is typically used for items not requiring additional height in the packaging and can sit flat on the bottom of the box. These inserts work great for similar-sized goods.

    With Backing Box Insert

    Typically used for identical or comparably sized products that require a slight height increase for secure placement.

    Multiple Backing Box Insert

    Inserts with a rim are the go-to when packing irregularly shaped or sized products. This keeps the products from falling out.

    types of insert box package

    5. Custom Box Dividers

    You may easily turn your stationery business into a well-known brand. Using cardboard inserts makes it much easier to pack many items into a single box. Each item can have its designated spot, so there's no danger of getting mixed up.

    custom box dividers

    Advantages of Custom Box Dividers

    • It ensures that no two products are mixed.
    • There is no possibility of products coming into contact with one another, which eliminates the possibility of damage or wear and tear.
    • All objects have their integrity properly preserved.
    • It serves its purpose admirably as storage. It keeps things for a longer period than usual.
    • These sleek and functional cartons are perfect for storing your writing supplies.
    • Customizable

    Features of Custom Box Dividers

    • A small, stylish box with dividers makes it simple to pack several product components.
    • Easy-to-open cardboard boxes with flaps that slide on a hinge.
    • Easily adaptable to new uses such as a personal jewelry or chocolate box, coin or stamp collection box.
    • Solid cardboard inserts for separating the items to be packed and stored in a secure manner
    • An excellent choice of gift box for several presents

    Styles of Custom Box Dividers

    Single-Piece Box Dividers

    Dividers of this type typically consist of a single sheet of paper or corrugated material that is folded in such a way as to create sub-sections. These dividers work great for single-row compartments or compartments of varying sizes.

    Multiple Box Dividers

    The paper or cardboard used to make these dividers is cut into individual pieces and then glued or stapled together to form the various compartments. When you need to divide a space in your packaging into equal-sized sections, a partition made of multiple pieces is your best bet.

    box dividers

    6. Display Boxes

    In search of increased channels through which to promote your goods and services? Putting up display cases in high-traffic areas like grocery stores, stationery shops, and convenience stores might be a good idea. If you haven't tried this method yet to increase sales, you should.

    Consumers are more likely to purchase impulsively if the packaging they see in stores is visually appealing. This is especially true of display boxes that are brightly colored and appealing. To make a sale at the grocery store, you need to have an eye-catching display box with correct information, appealing discounts and promotions, and minimal space usage.

    However, there are various display cases from which to choose, including countertop boxes, floor cases, power wings, and endcaps. To sell more of your product, you must figure out what display boxes will work best.

    pens in display box

    Advantages of Display Boxes

    • The novel display can entice customers and boost sales
    • Provides a wider variety of options than standard custom boxes.
    • Customized display boxes give your product an edge over the competition.
    • Provides additional space for displaying information if it is needed.
    • Professionalism in presenting your brand

    Features of Display Boxes

    • It should be produced using sturdy material, such as kraft cardstock, E flute corrugated cardboard, or a bux board.
    • Solid and well-balanced structure
    • Versatile, suited for many different materials
    • Can display different products in one display box
    • Suited for different kinds of stationery items

    Style of Display Boxes

    Counter Tops

    Placed prominently next to the register. This is a form of advertising that can encourage customers to make a quick purchase while they're standing in line to pay.

    Erasers, stickers, and post-it notes are just some small items that would look great in this display box. A slightly widened version made from a more robust material would also work well as a notebook's packaging.

    display box

    7.Folding Trays and Sleeve Boxes

    Often referred to as "drawer packaging," custom tray and sleeve boxes facilitate an easy, enjoyable unboxing process with a simple sliding motion. This 2-piece, collapsible box has a tray that glides out from the sleeve, easily revealing your contents.

    Ideal for showcasing your brand in all its glory, whether you're selling lightweight items or luxury goods. Rigid drawer boxes are a good option if you need to ship fragile items but don't want to risk damaging them by folding the box. Incorporate original art and design for a one-of-a-kind look.

    sleeve boxes

    Advantages of Folding Trays and Sleeve Boxes

    • Display artwork of any kind on the packaging.
    • Quickly assembled & compact
    • Area for product information
    • Secures your product perfectly
    • Extremely long-lasting packaging
    • It creates brand recognition.

    Features of Folding Trays and Sleeve Boxes

    • Makes use of windows and inserts to create an enticing display of product
    • excellent unpacking experience
    • For delicate or fragile objects, robust and sturdy
    • Recyclable, effective with windows
    • Simple assembly and flat shipping
    • Cost-effective High-end packaging

    Styles of Folding Trays and Sleeve Boxes

    Thin-Walled Foldable Tray & Box with Sleeves

    The inner tray's standard (thin) walls give you more room to store lightweight items or various items, such as accessories.

    Thick-Walled Foldable Tray & Box with Sleeves

    The inner tray has thick walls to serve as an insert by itself. This kind of box is ideal for a little bit heavier products that need to be safe during transport.

    sleeve box

    8. Blister Card

    Blister card packaging is ideal for showcasing products more prominently while safely enclosing them in pre-formed, hard chambers for transport and storage. Both the pocket and the backing are required for this sort of packing.

    The shape of the see-through pouch can be identical to the product's form, as is the case with many toys that are packaged in identical plastic, or it can be more abstract, taking the form of a circle, square, or rectangle. The substrate that supports the product from behind is called the backing. Paperboard is a common option for packaging, but there are other materials to consider.

    blister card

    Advantages of Blister Cards

    • Make key details visible.
    • Blister card packaging provides superior protection to its contents because its forms and seals are manufactured in advance.
    • Suitable for a wide range of items because of its adaptability to individual shapes
    • Adaptable layout

    Features of Blister Cards

    • With paperboard backing and transparent pocket for visibility of the products
    • Can display eye-catching graphics and informative details on the backing
    • PVC, PCTFE, and COP material options
    • Water-resistant
    • UV protection
    • High-product visibility
    • Coverage against scrapes, dents, and falls

    Styles of Blister Cards

    • Face Seal Blister -  A plastic sheet is molded into the product's shape and then heat-sealed to paperboard for this type of packaging. The plastic covering of a full-face seal blister extends from one side to the other.
    • Trapped Blister - In this case, the cardboard is die-cut, and a single thermoformed sheet is used for the packing. There is no need for special sealing equipment.
    • Clamshell - A clamshell is a plastic package with a hinged lid. The heavier the item, the more likely it is to be packed this way. Blister packaging like this can be used more than once. The hinge is replaced with a pair of plastic sheets in a two-piece clamshell design. Products packaged in tri-fold clamshells can be displayed vertically on store shelves thanks to the bottom stand.
    • Full Card Blister - The blister surrounds the paper top.
    • Skin Packaging - Blisters are formed in this manufacturing method by applying heat and suction. The actual goods serve as the molds. Between two heated plastic sheets, the product is sucked to remove any air.
    blister card package

    9. Packaging Sleeves

    Branding your product cleanly and unobtrusively is easy with packaging sleeves. The packaging sleeve is a rectangular piece of paper that slides down the middle of your product.

    The high-quality, thick paper used to make this eco-friendly packaging means it will outlast any plastic it might come into contact with. Printing on the packaging sleeve can help keep quality high while decreasing expenses and waste. The printed sleeve around your product's packaging is great because it doesn't overpower your product.

    packaging sleeves

    Advantages of Packaging Sleeves

    • A sleeve requires less paper and printing material.
    • Numerous sleeve designs for a variety of purposes.
    • Packages containing products in sleeves are a more convenient way to pack.
    • It has a smooth, polished appearance that can ape the high-end visual effect of directly printed designs.
    • Cost-effective and environmentally friendly

    Features of Packaging Sleeves

    • Easy-to-use packaging
    • Simple visual appearance
    • Lightweight
    • 360 degrees design
    • Fully-customizable
    • Multi-item packaging as a means of advertising or saving money

    10. Custom Stickers

    Stickers produced specifically for your products and packaging are an excellent way to boost your brand's identity. Seal your packages with personalized kiss-cutout stickers or add informational labels produced specifically for you. Sticker rolls and sheets can be customized to meet your needs and the brand's aesthetic. Check out some examples of our bespoke sticker designs for packaging to spark some ideas.

    custom stickers style

    Advantages of Custom Stickers

    • Distinctive brand using custom label stickers
    • Informative
    • It has countless applications
    • Cost-effective
    • It helps create brand awareness
    • Extensive variation in sizes and shapes

    Features of Custom Stickers

    • A great sticker should have a high-resolution printing
    • Vinyl material for a more appealing look
    • Sturdy paper backing for maximum longevity
    • Solid adhesive
    • Able to withstand the elements (wind, rain, and sun)
    • Multi-item packaging as a means of advertising or saving money

    Styles of Custom Stickers

    • Kiss-cut stickers -  Specially made stickers that prevent the stickers from folding at the edges and may be easily removed from the backing sheet.
    • Cut-Out Labels - Promotional die-cut stickers can be used as labels for products or as gifts to spread brand awareness in any way you see fit.
    • Sticker Rolls - These customized package labels, also known as label rolls, can be conveniently stored away. Stickers are a simple and quick method to personalize any product or package.
    • Sheet Stickers - Easily transportable and storable label sheets with various sizes and shapes to accommodate your labeling needs.
    custom stickers

    Why Choose Interwell for your Stationery Products?

    Our team at Interwell has been making and designing stationery products for years. Our sales staff advises you on the most effective and cost-efficient packing kid-friendly options for your stationery business. We take great satisfaction in providing first-rate customer support and innovative packaging options.

    We have a sample printing on-site, with many high-volume printers for special orders. Personalized assistance that sees you through until the very end of your order.
    We offer comprehensive and flexible stationery services, including suggesting everything from package style and colors to carton types and any premium and latest packaging designs.
    Colors are precisely controlled so that the items are printed as designed and per your requirement. Color accuracy is guaranteed, and your purchase will be worth every penny.
    With our careful attention to detail and dedication to delivering only the highest quality products, we promise that every one of your purchases will arrive promptly and in perfect condition plus, we provide worldwide shipping.
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