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Create your pen brand with our tailored production. We promise to promptly fulfill your order of quality custom school and office pens within your budget. Sedex, BSCI, FSC audited.

custom ballpoint pens

The Easiest Way to Source Different Types Of Pen

Interwell pens are the perfect marketing material to promote your business. You can choose any style from regular, multicolour, or even glitter. Source your custom pens with our streamlined processes.

multicolor pen

Multicolor Pen

A writing tool that contains multiple colors of ink in a single pen. It has a button or a dial that allows the user to switch ink colors. Most colorful pens include blue, red, and black colors. To use it, push down the button to select a color.

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erasable pen

erasable pen

This pen has the features of both pens and pencils. It can be like a regular pen and erase like a pencil. The reason for this is that the ink is formulated differently. Use this pen for error-free paper.

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promotional pen

promotional pen

Do you want to promote your company? Well, this is your best option! Print your company logo, name, or message, and distribute it to customers, clients, or potential leads to increase brand awareness and recall.

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stick pen

stick pen

Stick pens are the most cost-effective option for promotion for big campaigns. These low-cost pens have a narrow, stick-like barrel and are intended for short-term use. Use it by removing the cap to write.

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pom pom pen

pom pom pen

Our designers can attach a tiny pom pom to the cap to add cuteness to your pen. Pom poms can range in color and are typically constructed from synthetic materials.

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retractable pen

retractable pen

This pen has a distinct mechanism allowing the tip to be extended and retracted. When the cap is clicked downward, the pen's extended tip slides out and locks into place at the housing's base.

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Rainbow Pen

rainbow pen

Features a vibrant rainbow color soft plush top and replaceable refill, creating a funny writing experience.

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Novelty Pen

novelty pen

Our novelty collections are the way to go if you want unique pens! These pens have distinctive shapes, colors, or features that stand out from traditional ones. They can be a delightful and functional way to express your personality or interests.

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Unicorn Pen

unicorn pen

Add magic to your ordinary or multicolored pens with a mythical unicorn design. Fun, creative, and a novelty gift for kids.

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narwhal pen

narwhal pen

Best gifts for kids. Features a narwhal pattern on the pen's body and a 3D rubber narwhal on the cap.

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cartoon pen

cartoon pen

Designed with cartoon characters. With Interwell's Disney FAMA accreditation, we can manufacture your pen with any Disney character like Mickey Mouse, Disney Princesses, Stitch, Donald Duck, etc.

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pop it pen

pop it pen

Partner your pop-it pencil case with our pop-it pens! This pen has a compact bubble-popping kit attached to the cap. It is made of silicone and can be replaced with any design.

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bts pen

bTS pen

Designed specifically for use in school, with features such as a durable design and a clip for attaching the pen to a notebook or shirt pocket.

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diamond pen

diamond pen

Features huge imitation diamonds in their designs. Diamond pens are popular for those who want to add a dash of glitz and glamour to their writing tools.

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LGBT Gay Pen

Interwell creates custom pens for the LGBT community. The LGBTQ+ movement is represented in rainbow colors and other symbols on these pens. Give this away to or sell this to support LGBT groups and causes.

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metal pen

Metal Pen

Metal pens are premium writing instruments due to their robustness, heaviness, and low maintenance requirements. Usually, they are made of stainless steel or aluminum.

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uv light pen

top secret UV light pen

Features UV light and UV-sensitive ink. Making it possible to read or see confidential information. For added protection, you can use it to make invisible markings on documents or currency that can be seen with a UV light.

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Liquid glitter pen

liquid glitter pen

This pen contains liquid in the barrel that is infused with glitter particles, when you use this to write or draw, the glitter float, creating a sparkling, shimmering writing experience.

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Over 20 Years of Collaboration with Industry Leaders & Startups

Interwell works with well-known stationery brands and helps new companies improve their brand names. We always aim to provide one-stop writing supply services to assist our customers.

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Interwell Workers

Benefit From Your Committed Ballpoint Pen Manufacturer

Interwell has been a leader in the stationery industry for 20 years. We earned widespread acclaim for our consistent innovations and dedication to our customers. We are a market leader because of our extensive product catalog, high production efficiency, and effective distribution network.

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Creative and proven sampling & production

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Strong OEM & ODM production capability

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We respect and fulfill delivery agreements

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Ensures complete loading and transportation of our products

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Pass factory audit, including FSC, Sedex, USJ, BSCI

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Ball Pen Custom Features

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Exhibit Your Brand

As a go-to supplier of promotional pens, Interwell is your top supplier. We can print your company's logo and brand message on the barrel through our customisation options.

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Ergonomic Grip

We create our ballpoint pens, ensuring comfort and a secure grip while writing. You can make the grip textured to provide added traction. This feature helps reduce hand fatigue and improve writing accuracy.

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Sleek Design and Pantone Color

You can customize your pens in a modern style with muted colors or a more extensive, colorful design perfect for your next promotion. Both styles are readily available, and the decision will depend on your personal preferences.

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pen collection - Interwell Stationery

Get Personalized Ballpoint Pens in Bulk

Interwell ballpoint pens offer a great variety of colours and creative designs. Whether you are sourcing stationeries for back-to-school or office supplies, we always have great writing solutions to suit your needs.


Ink Colors

Colored ink pens of every color are available at Interwell. Here are some standard ink shades to consider when shopping for a pen. Don't worry; we can make it in whatever color you want.

Blue & Black

  • Popular for business or formal settings.
  • Associated with professionalism and reliability.
  • Long-lasting, does not fade easily.
  • Use for documents, casual notes, and letters  - Easy to read.


    • A mixture of several different colors.
    • Used for artistic or creative purposes, such as drawing or coloring.
    • Colors are usually red, blue, black, and green.
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    screen printing

    Screen Printing

    This technique transfers colour to the pen by pressing it through a fine, stretched mesh using a squeegee. Like pad printing, screen printing can use as many as four different colours, each requiring its cloth.

    pad printing

    Pad Printing

    A common method of printing that transfer 2D graphics to 3D objects. This method uses a silicone "pad" to "pick up" an image (such as your logo) and "transfer" it to your pen. This method creates a high-quality, detailed image or design.

    foil printing

    Foil Printing

    Foil printing is a cutting-edge process that creates an eye-catching reflective result. In foil printing, a heated cylinder coats the surface to be printed with a thin layer of foil. But you can only use this method with gold or silver foil; you can't print in different colors or with a certain ink.

    digital printing

    Heat Transfer Printing

    This method involves transferring the design film to the pens' surfaces. Print in any color you'd like by combining CMYK colors; ideal for most plastic pens.

    laser engraving

    Laser Engraving

    A process involves creating a design or pattern on the surface of a material by cutting or carving into it. For engraving, it is mostly used to engrave logos on metal pens with painted surfaces.

    plastic pen


    ABS plastic is widely used to produce plastic pens. It is inexpensive and can be molded into various shapes and colors.

    metal pen


    Aluminum pens have a more luxurious look and feel and last longer than other options. You can design this with a matte and anodized finish.

    kraft paper pen

    Kraft Paper

    Interwell manufactures eco-friendly pens from recycled materials, providing a minimalistic aesthetic design.

    Custom Logo Pen Ordering Process

    An excellent branding strategy based on thorough research will highlight your ballpen business from the competitors. Interwell Stationery helps build your pen business barrier step by step. Our product and research specialists are glad to collaborate with you to determine the latest design, package, hottest relative stationery products, and sales volume in the target market to satisfy your customer.



    Our logo pens are manufactured from high-quality materials that meet or exceed the requirements of standards such as EN71, CPSIA, CA65, BS7272, and REACH.



    Interwell offers a wide collection of pen styles; most of them can be printed with your brands and patterns.



    We offer free sampling with a fast turn-around time of 5-7 days. Our experts can meet your requirements precisely and accurately.



    Interwell stationery is dedicated to improving our manufacturing processes. Our strict manufacturing system ensures all ball pen productions are under a high-level process.

    quality control

    Quality Control

    Our factory has been audited and found to comply with BSCI, Sedex, FSC, USJ, and Disney FAMA; Check out our video of the quality control process.



    Before your items are shipped, they will be securely stored in our warehouse. If you still need a freight forwarder partner in China, do not worry; we work with a reputable local freight forwarder to provide an ideal delivery solution.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Interwell aims to make you relax from the market competition. From pre-sales expertise through purchasing advice and after-sales service, our team provides solutions for your custom products.


    Can I customize the logo on the products?

    Absolutely! Both OEM and ODM services are available. Please send us your artwork and the trademark. Your files should be in any format: .pdf, .ai, .psd.


    Where in the pen's body can I put my design?

    The pen barrels are customizable. Keep your artwork within the design studio's specified area to avoid cutting images once printed.


    Do you have MOQ?

    The typical MOQ for custom-designed pens is between 2,000-3,000 pcs.


    What is your sample charge?

    The samples for in-stock products are free, while the samples for custom design will be at your expense.


    Where do you produce your custom pens?

    Our factory is in Ningbo, China. Come and visit our factory and check how we produce your orders.


    What's the lead time?

    Our sampling takes 5-7 days, while large orders take 25-35 days.

    Your brand deserves the best. Choose Interwell for custom pen solutions. Inquire today!

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