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Source custom pencil pouch from a vetted stationery supplier. Assorted colors & designs. We provide comprehensive OEM services, allowing for extensive personalization.

custom pencil case

Wholesale Custom Pencil Case Types

We have manufactured a large number of pencil pouches and have perfected the design of each one. We commit substantial resources toward further product development and research to keep up with consumers' ever-shifting demands.

pop it pencil case

pop it pencil case

Colorful and playful silicone accessory with bubble wrap's "popping" sound.

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clear pencilc case

clear pencil Pouch

Made of clear and rigid PVC plastic that is also soft to the touch and durable.

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zipper pencil case

zipper pencil case

The zipper design ensures a secure closure on the pens. This zippered pencil pouch is constructed from a tough and simple-to-clean material.

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colored pencil case

colored pencil case

It is made from high-quality canvas that can withstand moisture and is built to last. Features zipped pouches and a ringed slot design for arranging your colored pencils.

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multifunction pencil case

multifunction pop Out pencil Box

Features a durable plastic construction. A magnetic clasp secures the hardcover, making it convenient to flip open and close. A built-in sharpener, an eraser holder, a compartment for pens and pencils, and two flaps make this a convenient pencil case.

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unicorn pencil case

unicorn pencil Case

A cute Eva pencil case with a whimsical unicorn design. The perfect combination of portability, durability, and minimal weight.

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canvas pencil bag

canvas pencil Bag

It's crafted from high-quality, soft canvas fabric that can be washed and is resistant to wear and tear.

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silicone pencil bag

silicone pencil Bag

The silicone used to make this case is of the highest grade, making it both soft and robust.

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mesh pencil case

mesh pencil Bag

The mesh zipper pouches are made of durable nylon, high-quality zippers, and excellent usability. Custom size available.

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hardtop pencil case

hardtop pencil case

The huge hardtop pencil bag is sturdy and folds neatly. It is made from lightweight, durable EVA plastic that can withstand drops without breaking.

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filled pencil case

filled pencil case

You can fit a pencil, a rainbow pen, a sharpener, an eraser, a set of colored pencils, a set of colorful markers, a ruler, a sticky notepad, a highlighter pen, and a gel pen in this pouch.

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Benefit From Your Committed Pencil Case Manufacturer

Interwell Stationery, a well-established player in the stationery industry, offers a wide variety of high-quality pencil bags & pouches at competitive pricing.

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Numerous Customization Options

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Turnkey OEM & ODM Solutions

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Highest standards of quality control are applied throughout production

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Highly skilled research and development staff

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Worldwide shipping and prompt delivery

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Get Personalized Pencil Boxes & Pouches in Bulk

Many elements affect the peak results of pencil cases; these include the exterior material, the liner, the closing, the logo, and the accessories. By working with Interwell Stationery's in-house experts, you'll be able to create a great pencil pouch that offers superior protection stylishly and originally.

Fulfill Your Custom Pencil Case Needs

Our Oem & Odm design services can accommodate any of your requirements. We are confident that we can meet your needs, whether you want a modified version of an item in our inventory or something entirely new and originally designed just for you. Learn more about our readily accessible patterns here!

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Animal pencil pouch

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Galaxy pencil bag

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Panda pencil case

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Unicorn pencil pouch

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Cat pencil pouch

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Shark pencil pouch

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pencil cases & bags
oxford cloth

Oxford Cloth

A notable fabric because of its lightweight, sheen, and softness. This fabric might be 100% cotton, a cotton/elastane blend, or a cotton/polyester blend.



Fabric with a simple weave, usually cotton and sometimes linen. Canvas material has a well-deserved reputation for sturdiness, strength, and toughness.



Made from 100% polyester fibers of varied densities and pile heights. It is super soft, cuddly, and warm!

pu leather

PU Leather

Also known as synthetic leather, that looks and feels like leather but is not made from animals. Unfortunately, it won't hold up as well as genuine leather and will eventually crack.



A common thermoplastic known for its hardness. It's perfect for a hardy pencil case thanks to its lightweight yet sturdy construction.



Refers to a broad category of synthetic and semi-synthetic organic molecules that may be shaped into various shapes without breaking.

All-around Pencil Case Solutions

As an experienced wholesale pencil case supplier in China, we have manufactured quality pencil cases at moderate prices and excellent service since 2003. Our pencil pouches come in a wide range of prints, materials, colors, and packages to fulfill every customer's request.

# 1 We Customize Your Pencil Case with Heart

Our R&D Division keeps discovering the latest design, following famous stationery exhibitions and social media trends. These enable us to understand your design requirements quickly. We will provide knowledgeable design services, including free prototyping, catalog, and display design.

Besides, we provide professional packing solutions to help your products stand out when displayed. We mainly use a display box, color box, PP Box, and blister card for your pencil cases. Your order will be well-packed before shipment. Also, we are flexible in taking your advice if you have any packing ideas.

Get expert tips now; let's support your project with the perfect design, material, package, etc., together.

# 2 Exclusive Services

Interwell is committed to providing high-level services throughout the production process. Our experienced quality control team monitors the raw material, trial samples, and defective parts to give you a 100% satisfied order experience. With our extensive industry experience, we can guarantee you valued goods with on-time delivery.

In addition, Interwell also provides warehousing and delivery services. If you need the ideal warehouse or forwarder in China, we can help! We will ensure every single item is stored properly and find the right forwarder for you.

# 3 Safety Material

Interwell is committed to using non-toxic material for all of our pencil cases. We provide a wide range of materials for your needs, including EVA, leather, Pvc, plastic, plush, fabric, and sequin, which are tested under a rigorous system and comply with REACH Annex XVII, Entry 43, 51 & 52.

# 4 Multiple Selections

We are not only a pencil case manufacturer; we also provide school stationery supplies for your business, including paper notebooks, erasers, pencil sharpeners, ball pens, highlighters, and more. Let us know if you have any specific needs; we will be available 24/7.

Pencil Case Supplier in China

As an experienced wholesale pencil case supplier in China, we have manufactured quality pencil cases at moderate prices and excellent service since 2003. Our pencil pouches come in a wide range of prints, materials, colors, and packages to fulfill every customer's request.

Screen Printing

A printing method in which ink is transferred onto a substrate via a mesh. Because of the thicker application, the colors remain brilliant and vivid for longer, even when placed against darker backgrounds.

UV Printing

UV lights cure digital printing techniques wherein the ink is printed. This printing technology brings out brilliant colors and crisp branding details when used on PVC or PU material.


Process of using heat to fabric to transfer dye to it. It is waterproof and won't lose its color or shape over time, making it ideal for a pencil case.

Heat Transfer Printing

It involves applying heat to a wax picture to transfer it to another surface, typically fabric. It's more expensive per unit, but the print quality is superior to screen printing.


Embellishing with thread and a needle. When it comes to making a logo, this is a very common choice. The process creates a sophisticated final product with a convincing 3D effect.

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Sourcing Pencil Box From Interwell

Interwell Stationery was created to relieve tension caused by the demanding nature of the business. Through this, we've established a comprehensive sales procedure that spans from pre-sale consulting through post-purchase assistance. Our company provides a wide range of support services to complement your special products.



To help our clients better understand the framework of the products we design, our team of designers uses scale and visual representation of cases in 2D & 3D design.



Because of the precision and speed afforded by state-of-art machinery, we can produce high-quality molds in-house and get them to customers faster.



We can create 600,000+ pieces monthly thanks to our state-of-the-art production plant and skilled staff.

quality control

Quality Control

Interwell has developed a stringent testing methodology involving internal and external audits to ensure the reliability of our products.



Interwell will be available to provide first-rate sales support throughout the whole lifetime of your product.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is your MOQ?

Most custom-designed stationery products have a minimum order quantity of 1,000 to 3,000 pieces.


Can I get samples for a quality check?

Yes! You can choose from several sample types. Whether you need to check the size of your pencil case or the printing of your artwork before mass production, we have you covered.


Do you provide custom packages for my pencil case & bag?

Yes! Any package type you may require can be made. Use our design services to design your pencil case with the ideal package.

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