Manufacturing & Warehousing

Interwell's 20-year mission is simple: to design and produce top-notch stationery. We've made our mark as a distinguished manufacturer, trusted for our quality supplies by students and professionals. Our commitment to quality is the backbone of our reputation.

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Verified by Sedex, Wilko, USJ, and Amfori BSCI, and passed Disney FAMA
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Global presence with exports to over 150 countries
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Pioneering 1000+ new stationery products annually
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Ensuring timely delivery of high-quality stationery
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Inhouse production with 100+ Trained technicians
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Pioneering Stationery Excellence: From Concept to Customer

Industry Expertise

With two decades of industry experience in stationery manufacturing and export, we are proud to serve clients across the globe, setting new standards for stationery innovation and quality.

R&D and Manufacturing

Our cutting-edge manufacturing facilities ensure stringent quality control at every step of the production process, guaranteeing only the best products leave our factory.

Broad Selection & Unparalleled Quality

We offer a comprehensive selection of beautifully packaged, durable stationery items, each meticulously designed to reflect our commitment to quality.

Efficient Inventory Management

Our state-of-the-art warehousing facilities use advanced inventory management systems to maintain optimal stock levels. This efficiency minimizes costs for our clients, providing exceptional value and reliable service.

Tailored Solutions and Efficient Warehousing

At Interwell, we understand that each business has unique needs. That's why we specialize in custom stationery solutions, working closely with our clients to create products that meet their requirements. Once production is complete, our advanced warehousing systems ensure a seamless transition from our factory to your business. Our commitment to efficiency and customization makes us a reliable partner in stationery.

Our Production Process

  • Injection Molding: This initial stage involves shaping stationery pieces using advanced machinery and high-quality materials, enabling us to cater to diverse customer preferences.
  • Printing: We use cutting-edge technology to create vibrant, long-lasting designs, ensuring each product meets our stringent quality standards.
  • Assembling: Our skilled professionals meticulously assemble each stationery item, ensuring it meets our high standards and customer expectations.
  • Packing: After assembly, products are securely and elegantly packed to remain pristine.
  • Inspection: Our quality control team rigorously checks each product for quality, safety, and function before it enters our warehouse.
  • Storage: Our state-of-the-art warehouse employs advanced inventory management systems to ensure efficient order fulfillment and a seamless customer experience.

Ready for superior stationery solutions? Trust in Interwell's 20 years of excellence.

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