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The Easiest Way to Sourcing Different Types Of Marble Notebooks

Our collection has something for everyone! We offer various styles, designs, and sizes to suit every need.

Marble Composition Notebook

Marble Composition Notebook

It has a distinctive marble-patterned cover. Inner pages contain a set of lined or unlined pages bound together.

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Hardcover Marble Notebook

Hardcover Marble Notebook

The exterior is a strong cardboard material coated with a marble pattern. The hardcover prevents the pages from being damaged by everyday use, making it far more long-lasting than others.

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Marble Spiral Notebook

Marble Spiral Notebook

This type of notebook features a spiral binding, which allows the pages to rotate 360 degrees easily.

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Colored Marble Notebook

Colored Marble Notebook

Rather than the traditional black and white marble pattern, this cute notebook has a cover printed in a specific color. It comes in various colors, such as blue, green, pink, or purple.

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Marble Notepad

Marble Notepad

This notepad is more practical for on-the-go note-taking than a traditional notebook. It is compact in size and lightweight in design.

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Marble Planner

Marble Planner

Use this type to organize and manage daily, weekly, or monthly schedules, appointments, and tasks.

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Connect with Interwell for Exceptional Products and Services

Get first-rate service and beautiful marble notebooks. Interwell is one of the leading suppliers in China's stationery market. We provide advanced manufacturing facilities and stringent quality controls.

  • Skilled workers with exceptional craftmanship on stationery products.
  • Raw materials are carefully inspected to meet customer specifications.
  • Provide clear and accurate physical and digital samples.
  • Properly packaged on all orders to prevent damage.
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Interwell Workers

The Interwell Standard

cover material types

Cover Materials

The right cover material depends on your usage and personal preferences. Choose among the following options: cardstock, high-end leather, and rustic cloth.

Binding Options

Binding Options

We guarantee accuracy and precision by using the best machinery. For a more professional appearance, our machines can perform coil binding, saddle stitch, perfect binding, etc.

Full Color Print

Full Color Printing

Our cutting-edge printers can produce stunning output in full color and black and white. Please send us your files in PDF or JPG format for a more precise result.

Notebooks Sizes

Notebook Sizes

A smaller, more compact notebook is ideal for students. However, a larger notebook is more appropriate for writing a novel or drawing. Standard notebook dimensions include A5, A4, and letter.

Quality Paper Type

Quality Paper Types

The paper quality at Interwell is substantial, lasting, and resistant to feathering and bleeding. Our notebooks are made from high-quality materials like cotton, recyclable or acid-free paper.

Custom Package

Package Options

We provide multiple package options for your marble graph notebooks to fit the target market trends, including color paper boxes, blister cards, and display boxes.

Meet Our Full-service Stationery Solutions

We offer a full stationery design solution, from branding to factory production to the careful packaging required for such unique items. We can create a signature product for your company or product that will help you connect with your target audience.

Interwell Designer

Research & Design

  • Our research involves design experimentation of the cover, layout, packaging, and other notebook elements.
  • We research market trends, user needs, and competition.
  • We aim to create a functional, user-friendly, and visually appealing notebook.
  • Our custom notebook is designed around your ideas within reach with the help of our expert team.
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  • Flexible sampling time, we deliver custom marble notepad samples within 5-7 days
  • We identify potential issues in design, paper material, and manufacturing processes.
  • Free existing samples for precise checking of our marble notebooks' prints and quality before proceeding to mass production.
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  • Complete production line involves sourcing materials, printing, binding, and packaging.
  • Customized, a tailor-made binding process for each client.
  • Produces reliable results every time
  • Uses only sophisticated machinery and methods.
  • All of our notebooks are produced at our FSC-vetted factory.
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Quality Control

  • Interwell maintains clean and organized manufacturing facilities.
  • Provides regular training and development opportunities for manufacturing employees.
  • Acquired Sedex, FSC, Wilko, and BSCI factory audit certifications.
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  • Visual inspection of finished products.
  • Identifies problems and takes appropriate action to fix them.
  • Multiple stages of inspection throughout the production process.


  • Complete product information on the packaging, such as the destination, weight, and contents.
  • Coordinates with the shipping carrier to ensure that the notebooks are delivered on time and in good condition.
  • Monitors shipment progress and address any issues that may arise.

Frequently Asked Questions

Marble Notebook Features
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Interwell Stationery offers full-circle services, including custom printing and design options for your marble journal needs.

  • Wide-ruled paper for maximum productivity
  • Trendy pastel marble cover
  • Casebound construction, singer sewn binding, and coil binding for option
  • Custom page numbers from 48 to 400 sheets
  • Available in magic marbleized effect and any Pantone color that matches your style
  • Luxurious, polished look that is not found in other types of notebooks.
  • Premium materials, ensuring they can withstand daily use and wear
Marble Notebook Features
Can you print the marble journals with my personalized design?
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Yes. Send us your designs, and we'll make some great notebooks. We take extraordinary measures to ensure the highest quality.

What is your MOQ? Can I get a quote for a small quantity?
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Yes. You can order for a small quality at 1,000pcs for the order of the wholesale notebooks; you can customize any of them depending on your preference. If you also need large quantities, please let us know. Our prices are lower for bulk orders. If you need assistance choosing the right notebooks, we're here to help.

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