Surpassing Expectations in Quality

At Interwell, we don't just meet customer expectations - we exceed them. Our mission is to deliver perfection in every custom product; to ensure this, we adhere to stringent production standards.

Each piece of stationery you order benefits from our meticulous quality control procedures, guaranteeing exceptional results.

We ensure unparalleled quality through rigorous quantitative and visual inspections at all production stages. Our dedicated quality control team leaves no stone unturned, ensuring each order precisely aligns with the industry's highest standards.

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Our Expertise: Verified and Trusted

Interwell has been a trailblazer in stationery product manufacturing since 2003, adhering to top-tier quality standards in production. Our credentials speak volumes about our commitment to excellence:

FCS, Wilko, Sedex, USJ & amfori BSCI verified
Superior primary components ensuring product longevity
Toxin-free products, safe for all ages
Rigorous product testing for quality assurance
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Partnering with Excellence: Supplier Quality Assessment

Interwell's commitment to delivering premium stationery products extends to our choice of partners. Thanks to our comprehensive supplier assessment process, every Manufacturing Partner (MP) in our network aligns with our rigorous quality and ethical standards.


Supplier Selection

Our process starts with meticulous supplier selection. We evaluate each vendor based on market reputation, production capacity, quality assurance measures, and commitment to ethical and eco-friendly business practices.


Onboarding Process

Once a supplier is chosen, we conduct thorough site visits, inspections, and appraisals of their quality control systems. We also verify their compliance with safety and environmental regulations to ensure they meet our high standards.


Performance Tracking

After onboarding, we closely monitor our suppliers' performance. Regular audits, inspections, and performance reviews ensure our MP network continually delivers the quality service we demand. We can identify potential issues through constant evaluation and work collaboratively to improve.


Long-Term Partnership and Continuous Improvement

We believe in fostering long-term partnerships with our suppliers and promoting a culture of continuous improvement. Our MP network continually enhances quality, efficiency, and sustainability through open communication, feedback, and support.

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The Interwell Quality Assurance System

Raw-Material Traceability Identification

Every raw material we receive is from reliable suppliers and assigned a unique identification code. This process ensures accurate tracking of their origin, quality, and conformity to industry standards.

Finished Product Inspection

Our thorough inspection method includes visual checks for defects, functional testing for performance and usability, product requirement confirmation, packaging inspections for secure shipping, and random sampling for batch consistency.

QA/QC Inspectors

Our team of in-house QA/QC inspectors ensures comprehensive quality checks on all processes and products.

On-Site Material Inspection

This process includes verifying raw materials against purchase order specifications, visual inspections, testing for compliance with industry standards, supplier performance evaluation, and detailed inspection record-keeping.

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