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Find everything you need to know before starting your notebook business. From binding and printing methods to paper types to printing techniques, Interwell customizes notebooks of various sizes and types, making us the best supplier for your personalized notebook needs.

singer sewn notebooks

Notebook Binding Methods

Learn about the different methods of notebook binding, from hardcover to spiral binding, and the materials used. Choose the perfect binding method based on purpose, budget, longevity, features, and aesthetics.

paper thickness

Most Popular Paper Types

Explore the different paper types for notebooks, including weight, finish, and printing methods. This blog highlights the importance of paper quality and eco-friendliness.

How is paper weight determined?

Paper Weight Guide & Uses

Check the various types of paper weights, their applications, and how to measure them. At Interwell, we provide recommendations for your custom notebook and printing needs.

Coated Paper

Offset vs. Coated Paper

Find everything you need to know about offset and coated paper for printing in this blog. Coated paper is best for solid colors, while uncoated is ideal for embossing.

Traveler's Notebook

Notebook Size Chart

This blog provides complete information on various notebook sizes, including the ANSI series, A, and B series. Check the most popular notebook size chart and comparison at Interwell.

pop it notebook

15 Types of Notebooks

Check the comprehensive list of different types of notebooks, including spiral, leather, cute, marble, pocket, hardcover, A4, softcover, glitter, subject, recycled, and portfolio notebooks.

Custom Die Cut Printing Notebook

7 Notebook Printing Methods

In this article, you will find lists of the 7 most popular notebook printing methods, including debossing, screen printing, foil printing, die-cut printing, CMYK printing, lamination printing, and digital printing.


Embossing or Debossing

Embossing and debossing are printing techniques that create a 3D effect for notebooks. Both require detailed dies and thicker paper. Embossing is best for intricate designs, while debossing is more subtle. Choose based on the design and intended purpose.

Elements of a Journal

Diary vs. Journal

Diary vs. Journal: Explore types, similarities, and differences. Enhance self-awareness, productivity, and mental health. Choose the right tool for your self-expression journey.

uncoated paper

Lined vs. Blank vs. Dotted Notebooks

Explore lined, blank & dotted notebooks: find the best fit for writing, sketching, or journaling. Discover the popular uses for each type.

Leather Notebook

Notebook Cover Materials

Learn about the best materials for notebook covers, including leather, cloth, felt, paper, and more. Interwell offers customizable options for all your needs.

Detail Your Daily Activities

Bullet Journaling 101

Discover the art of bullet journaling! Learn key terms, ideal page count, and a step-by-step guide to start your BuJo. Plus, tips to customize your planner.


View everything you need to know about pencil types, lead grades, and the manufacturing process at Interwell. We provide custom pencil service with FSC certified production line.

pencil lead

Graphite Pencil Lead Grade

Discover the complete information about pencil lead grades, hardness, and uses from 9H to 9B. You will also learn the mechanical pencil leads guide.

highlighter pencil

Best Pencil Brands

The most popular pencil brands are Blackwing 602, Faber-Castell, Dixon Ticonderoga, Staedtler, General's Pencil Company, Caran d'Ache, Prismacolor, Hindustan Pencils, Derwent, and Lyra.

pencil manufacturing process

How are Pencils Made?

Discover how pencils are made step by step in a China factory. The process: cutting and shaping wood, making graphite lead, gluing the wood slats, and adding the ferrule and eraser.

Graphite Pencils

Different Types of Pencil

Pencils are great for art, education, work, & daily tasks. Explore pencil history & types: graphite, solid graphite, colored, grease, watercolor, carbon, mechanical, glitter & highlight pencils.

watercolor Pencils application

Watercolor Pencils 101

Discover the vibrant world of watercolor pencils, offering precision and watercolor effects in one medium. Learn techniques, compare top brands, and master your skills with these versatile tools.

the range of different pencil leads

No. 1 & No. 2 Pencils

Discover the difference between No. 1 & No. 2 pencils, exploring HB and Numeric Grading systems. Learn about lead composition, hardness, darkness, and choose the right pencil for your needs.

Colored Pencils

Colored Pencil Techniques and Comparisons

Unlock your artistic potential with colored pencils: Techniques, comparisons, and a guide to selecting the best pencil for your creative journey.

Standard Colored Pencil

Artistic Journey: Exploring Colored Pencils

Dive into the colorful world of colored pencils! Learn their history, structure, different types and uses, plus expert tips on selecting the perfect pencil for your art.