Discover Your Perfect Notebook: Lined, Blank, or Dotted?

Notebooks have been an essential tool for centuries, evolving over time to cater to different needs. From the diaries of famous personalities to the scribbles of a student, the type of notebook used can greatly influence the writing experience. In this article, let's compare the lined, blank, and dotted notebooks to help you find the best fit for your writing, sketching, or journaling needs.

lined notebook

Lined Notebook

Lined notebooks, often referred to as ruled paper, are popular for writing due to the guiding lines. These lines are typically narrow and faint, making them ideal for structured note-taking.


  • Ideal for writing.
  • Guided note-taking.


  • Lines can be visible when drawing.
  • Not suitable for varied handwriting sizes.


Perfect for note-taking, especially among writers and students.

Blank Notebook

Blank notebooks provide an unrestricted canvas for both writing and drawing, making them ideal for those who value creativity and flexibility.


  • Encourages creativity
  • Flexible note-taking
  • Ideal for doodling and mind maps


  • Lacks structured guidance.
  • Can lead to inconsistent letter sizes.


Perfect for sketching and creative note-taking. When choosing, consider paper thickness to prevent ink bleed-through.

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Blank Notebook
dotted notebook

Dotted Notebook

Dotted notebooks, with their subtle grid of dots, strike a balance between structured and freeform writing or drawing. They've gained popularity due to the rise of bullet journaling, a method that uses the dot grid for organized logging and planning.


  • Versatile for both writing and drawing.
  • Provides structure while allowing creativity.
  • Simplifies drawing straight lines.


  • Dots can be distracting for some.
  • Spacing may not suit all handwriting sizes.


Ideal for bullet journaling, planning, and creative layouts. When choosing, opt for non-prominent dots and non-bleeding pages.

Beyond bullet journaling, dotted notebooks are also gaining traction among designers and artists. The subtle dots provide a guideline for sketches, wireframes, and even calligraphy, making it a versatile choice for various professions.

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The Comparison Table: Lined vs. Blank vs. Dotted

Notebook Type Pros Cons Usage
Lined Notebook Ideal for writing.
Supports structured note-taking.
Organizes thoughts effectively.
Can restrict creativity.
Lines may interfere with drawings.
Not versatile for different handwriting sizes.
Best for note-taking.
Blank Notebook Boosts creativity.
Allows free movement across the page.
Can serve as a scrapbook.
Might lack direction for some users.
Difficult to maintain precise patterns.
Can lead to varied letter sizes.
Best for sketching.
Dotted Notebook Versatile for both writing and drawing.
Provides a sense of organization.
Assists in drawing straight lines.
Dots might be distracting for some.
Spacing may not suit larger handwriting.
Can accentuate untidy writing.
Great for both writing and sketching.

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Final Tips

  • Lined notebooks held the largest market share.
  • The popularity of bullet journaling has increased the demand for dotted notebooks in recent years.
  • A5 size (5.8 x 8.3 inches or 148 x 210 mm) is the most popular choice for lined, blank, and dotted notebooks.
  • With the increasing awareness of environmental issues, many notebook manufacturers are now offering eco-friendly options. When choosing a notebook, consider looking for those made from recycled materials or sustainably sourced paper. Not only will you have a great writing experience, but you'll also be making a choice that's kinder to our planet.
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