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custom sticky notes

Types of Sticky Notes

Different varieties of sticky notes are available at Interwell Stationery to meet the requirements of various uses. Our convenient and affordable OEM & ODM services will allow you to record every idea and thought, no matter how fleeting.

sticky note pads

sticky note pads

A small post (3 x 2", 3x3", 3x4", and 3x5") with a strip adhesive on the back for temporary attachment on papers and other surfaces. Comes in neon colors while the shape can be square, rectangle, or custom.

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Transparent Sticky Note

transparent sticky note

Made of translucent material that is useful for marking important sections of planners, books, and other documents while still allowing the user to see what's underneath. Most pens and pencils will work, but permanent marker pens and ballpoint pens will produce the best results.

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Sticky Note Book

sticky note book

The sticky note book features a set of sticky tabs with a strong backing. Functional and practical.

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Sticky Note Tabs

sticky note tabs

Sticky note tabs notes are small, rectangular pieces of thin paper with adhesive on one side and can be found in various colors, sizes, and styles. They can be made more visible or separated into distinct categories with the help of additional tabs or flags. The standard size is 1.73 x 0.47 inches.

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cute sticky notes

cute sticky note

Cute adhesive notes are typically embellished with an adorable or attractive design. They can be found in various shades and shapes and feature designs like animals, flowers, and other endearing motifs.

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Printed Sticky Notes

printed sticky notes

Feature printed custom text and graphics. You can personalize it with your name, a company logo, or a message. Or customize it with the font, color, and design you like. Primarily intended for use as a marketing giveaway.

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sticky note cube

note Cube

A sticky note cube is usually used to make quick reminders or to-do lists. The notes can be easily removed, rearranged, and replaced. Interwell Stationery provides note cubes in various designs and sizes to suit your custom needs.

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Join Thousands Of Companies Using Interwell Stationery

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Benefit From Your Committed Sticky Notes Manufacturer

Interwell Stationery is a trusted name in the school & office supply industry, offering note pads, sticky notes in a rainbow of colors, and a customizable number of sheets at competitive pricing.

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Design, materials, and full color printing techniques can all be modified to fit your needs.

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Uses premium materials and various printing methods.

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Pass Sedex, FSC, BSCI, and USJ Audits

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Rapid custom post sampling and mass product production

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Production flexibility for small and large orders

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Interwell Workers
Sticky Note Supply - Interwell Stationery

Personalized Sticky Notes Features

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Portable Size with Super Sticky

The notepads' compact size makes them easy to carry, and the ultra-sticky back keeps notes securely in place.

Interwell Stationery provides sticky notepads in a variety of sizes. 3x3-inch, 4x6-inch, and 5x7-inch are the most commonly available sizes.

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Colorful and Sturdy Paper

Sticky notes are typically white or yellow, but Interwell can make them in any color you like! We make sure it looks good and can help the user stay organized. It is typically 80 gsm, which is the industry standard. Weight-wise, it's sturdy enough for regular use. We carry sticky notepads of various gsm to meet your needs.

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Fun and Useful

Trying to find a simple and enjoyable approach to advance your professional or personal reputation? Think about ordering notepads with your company's name and logo printed on them.

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Fulfill Your Custom Sticky Note Pad Needs

Create a high-quality sticky notepad with the help of Interwell Stationery's in-house professionals, and you'll enjoy writing on its high-quality colored paper with no issues.

Sticky Notes Paper Prints

Sticky Notes Paper

Interwell can make sticky notes on various colored, sized, and patterned papers with different sheet counts. Customers can tailor the product's features to their unique requirements and preferences.

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Full color choice: vivid Colors, pastels

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Weight: 80 gsm above

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Design: Plain, Patterned

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Sheets: 50 sheets above, or any custom sheets

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Custom package options as per your requirement

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Perfect trade show giveaway

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sticky notes backside


Because of the cardboard material's strength and durability, the sticky note is less likely to curl or peel off. Cardboard has the added benefit of being easily recyclable, making it a more eco-friendly option.

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magnetic sticky notes


The magnetic material on the backing of the sticky notes allows it to be attached to steel surfaces like fridges, filing cabinets, and whiteboards. Make it simple to post notes and reminders in a conspicuous place.

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Custom Sticky Note Tabs Ordering Process

Interwell is a leading promotional products & stationery maker in China. Our company has acquired considerable experience in manufacturing, innovation, distribution, and sales and marketing since 2003.



Interwell analyzes the industry to find reliable suppliers, negotiates contracts and prices, and checks that the provided raw materials are of sufficient quality.



Send us your artwork, and we will turn your concepts into exquisite sticky note pads. Our detail-oriented approach is unparalleled.



To ensure we accurately represent the client's concept, we produce a prototype and give it to them for review and feedback. It could take anywhere from 3-5 days.



Our factory is entirely automated, allowing for swift and precise output. We promise that your finished sticky notes will look like the ones you've designed and approved.

quality control

Quality Control

Before every product is shipped out to our customers, it is thoroughly inspected by our quality control staff to ensure it lives up to our high standards.



Because we tailor our shipping strategy to each purchase, we can get your branded sticky notes out the door as soon as they're finished. Constant shipping tracking updates are something we guarantee!

Frequently Asked Questions

Interwell aims to make you relax from the market competition. From pre-sales expertise through purchasing advice and after-sales service, our team provides solutions for your custom products.


What is your production timeline?

On average, production takes between 20 and 35 days, but it might take as short as 7 days for stock orders.


What is your MOQ for sticky note set?

We require 2000-3000 pieces of order quantity for bespoke sizes and shapes.


What is the expected delivery time?

There is a time range of 5-10 days for express delivery and 26-71 days for sea transport. Split your shipment between the express and the ocean if you rush any packages.


Do you provide samples?

Yes. We provide standard samples, and you can examine the scale of our products and artworks before making a final purchase decision.


Where is your sticky note produced?

Our sticky notes are produced at our BSCI vetted factory partner in Zhejiang, China.


Do you provide a custom package for my sticky notes?

Yes! We can accommodate special packaging needs for your order. Include your company's motto or logo in the design. Furthermore, you can request a color scheme that is unique to you.

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