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We offer various options for bespoke softcover notebooks and have set the standard for customized manufacturing journals. Low wholesale prices and a negotiable minimum order quantity.

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Over 20 Years of Bringing Exceptional Stationeries

We offer unbeatable value to our clients. We've provided first-rate notebooks at affordable rates to our local and international clients, making us the go-to option for consumers and companies.

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The Easiest Way to Source Customized Journals & Diaries

If you or your company are searching for a chic and practical way to keep organized, consider purchasing one of our softcover writing journals. You can choose a softcover notebook that fits your sense of style among the many options available.

Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal

A notebook with a scratch-resistant, soft, waterproof, extremely flexible cover is called a soft cover bullet journal. Its dotted paper is perfect for sketching, organizing, and journaling, and its lay-flat design makes bullet journaling effortless.

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Composition Notebooks

Composition Notebooks

A softcover composition notebook may be the best option if you want the convenience and portability of a composition notebook but prefer a softer cover. It can be used for writing, taking notes, and other written communication, and it may be especially helpful for students and professionals who need to take notes on the go.

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Dotted Journal

Dotted Journal

Softcover dotted notebooks are popular because of their dotted grid pattern. The pattern allows for a high degree of flexibility and creativity, as users can create their layouts and designs within the constraints of the dots. The fact that they are lighter than bound journals makes them convenient for use on the go.

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Lined Notebook

Lined Notebook

A clear and consistent guide for writing, the lines in this softcover lined journal ensure that your words are properly spaced and organized. You can get them with slim or wide lines, whichever you prefer. A margin on either or both sides of the page may also be present, allowing for more room to make margins and other annotations.

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Pocket Notebook

Pocket Notebook

A softcover pocket notebook is the best option if you need a portable notebook. Tuck it into the jacket sleeves of your polo shirt or the back pockets of your jeans, and always be prepared to take notes.

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Hardcover Journal

Hardcover Journal

This notebook has a hardcover and is the opposite of a soft-covered one. A hardcover notebook is more robust and sturdy than its flimsier softcover counterpart. Embossed and debossed printing techniques are also excellent options for this type of cover.

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Strong Record of Success in Manufacturing Custom Soft Cover Notebooks

We promise only the finest in quality and service to our valued customers. We are dedicated to making softcover notebooks that are aesthetically pleasing and practical in every way, from design to delivery.

  • We fine-tune every production stage to ensure that your samples and final goods are flawless.
  • Our goal is to maintain quality assurance throughout manufacturing. Our paper materials are from FSC certified supplier and are safe and new.
  • Skilled and knowledgeable designers and printing engineers ensure that all machines at our plant are fine-tuned and tested extensively before production.
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The Interwell Standard

Quality and affordability with us in every order.

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Cover Materials

We strive to offer the best possible value for our customers, and our notebook covers are competitively priced and supported by our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

Binding Options

Binding Techniques

Our binding machines can reduce the risk of injury, eliminating the need for manual punching or binding techniques that may require physical effort.

Full Color Print

Printing Options

We use printing presses ranging from offset to digital to screen printers. Because of our team's extensive knowledge and experience, we can determine which printing technique will yield the best results for each order.

Notebooks Sizes

Notebook Sizes

We offer a range of notebook sizes to accommodate various writing styles, from those who prefer a smaller surface area for cramped handwriting to those who prefer a larger area for larger handwriting.

Quality Paper Type

Paper Types

Our paper factory is an FSC-certified manufacturer that uses various pulping, cleaning, bleaching, and drying machines and processes to transform raw materials into finished paper.

Custom Package


We have different packaging options that can improve the storage and organization of your notebooks and other stationery products on display, such as using packaging with dividers or compartments.

Custom Softcover Journals Ordering Process

Consistent product quality with inexpensive pricing is within reach when you choose us as your stationery manufacturer. Rely on our meticulous procedures, and you'll get superior results.

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Research and Development

  • Risk assessment and management activities are implemented to identify and address potential issues or challenges.
  • We research and explore new technologies or features for our stationery products, such as smart or connected features.
  • We continue identifying and addressing stationery products' potential health, safety, or environmental impacts through our R&D efforts.
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  • We use standardized testing methods and protocols for our samples to ensure the comparability and reproducibility of test results.
  • Trained and experienced evaluators or testers can conduct sample testing and analyses.
  • Existing samples are FREE, while custom samples can be produced as early as 5 days.
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  • Founded in 2013, Licheng Stationery is Interwell's wholly-owned factory in the stationery industry.
  • Over 20 Years of experience have taught us that combining the correct product with an ethical manufacturing system is the key to setting your company apart.
  • We are certified by the Fair Labor Association and the Forest Stewardship Council for our commitment to ethical business practices.
  • Our factory has 4 packing lines, 2 of which are dust-free and 2 of which are the industry standard. Since we have been in business for quite some time, we know how to deal meticulously with simple and difficult packaging needs. 
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Quality Control

  • Our total quality management (TQM) principles drive continuous improvement in quality across the organization.
  • Experts in their fields, the members of our quality control team possess the knowledge and expertise to guarantee the excellence of our softcover notebooks.
  • We have implemented stringent criteria for handling and storage to prevent notebooks from being damaged during production.
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  • Our inspection procedure is regularly evaluated and modified to meet industry requirements.
  • We have a zero-tolerance policy for defective products, and notebooks that do not meet our standards are rejected and not shipped to customers.
  • Our inspectors pay close attention to the paper's quality, ensuring it is smooth and blemishes-free.


  • We can handle returns, exchanges, or other post-sale customer service issues related to shipping.
  • If you have any unique shipping requirements, such as a signature upon delivery or specific instructions, let us know, and we'll do our best to meet them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Soft Cover Notebook Features
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Soft Cover Notebook Features
  • All sizes available
  • High-quality, FSC-approved paper
  • White, uncoated, acid-free paper for covers and interior pages.
  • Sewn and bonded for maximum strength and 180° for easy note taking
  • Ranges from 60 to 150 sheets

Interwell has been manufacturing the highest-quality Chinese softcover journals since 2003. We provide various options for custom notebook features and designs.

Can each notebook be personalized with my prints and logo?
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Yes. Please send us your logo and design prints, Interwell will handle the rest. From the cover material to the page layout, sizes like A4 and B5, and inner page options such as lined, dotted, and grid softcover notebooks, you can personalize every aspect of the notebook to your liking.

What is the MOQ?
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You can customize the softcover notebooks at 1000 pieces.

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