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Interwell offers a wide variety of brand-specific services and solutions. Combining our high-end equipment, expert workforce, and imaginative ideas guarantees the success of your projects. 20 years experience. Pass factory audits.

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Your Trusted One-stop Stationery Solutions Supplier

1000+ businesses source custom stationery items from Interwell. Our team has a solid reputation in the stationery market, manufacturing a wide range of back-to-school supplies for well-known companies in the Philippines, the United States, and Europe, including notebooks, pens, pencils, and sticky notes.

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Providing Different Types of Diaries & Coloring Books

Our custom notepads make excellent giveaways or door prizes at corporate events. We ship millions of notebooks of all shapes and sizes annually, including hardcover and softcover, leather journals, spiral notebooks, unicorn pocket diaries, marble notebooks, and many more.

Fluffy Journal

Fluffy Journal

This type has a soft and plush cover, usually made of fabric. It is designed to hold and write comfortably and is often decorated with fun and colorful designs. Customize your fluffy unicorn journal now!

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Sequin Diary

Sequin Diary

An adorable flip notebook perfect for any event. A sequin diary is reversible so you can choose between two lovely metallic hues. Sequins can be flipped easily from one side to the other by gently wiping them.

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Lock & Key Notebook

Notebook with Lock

This has a locking mechanism, usually with a key, that you can use to keep the notebook securely closed. A great way to store important documents, notes, and other sensitive information and keep it safe from unwanted eyes.

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Pocket Diary

Pocket Diary

A small notebook, often with a pocket-sized cover, records daily events or appointments. It often includes a calendar or address book and may feature a variety of other features, such as a ruler, pen holder, or clock.

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Glitter Journal

Glitter Journal

Make your journal stand out and add sparkle and shine to your writing. This type of journal features a glitter cover with different colors or designs.

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Unicorn Coloring Book

Unicorn Coloring Book

This contains illustrations of unicorns for children (and adults alike) to color in. Some pages may include fun activities like connect-the-dots, mazes, and puzzles. You can also use some of our coloring tools to bring the images to life.

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The Easiest Way to Source Unicorn Journal from China

Interwell is a vetted supplier that makes high-end, personalized stationery. Our China-based production facilities and dependable third-party suppliers enable us to provide first-rate goods at reasonable costs and in flexible quantities.

  • We anticipate customer needs and provide them with cutting-edge solutions at all times.
  • We expanded our product lines continually, giving customers access to everything they need in one convenient place.
  • We implement stringent quality control measures throughout every production stage to maintain the high standards required by our certifications (amfori BSCI, FSC, Sedex, Wilko, FCCA, and NBCU Audit).
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Interwell Workers

The Interwell Standard

We are devoted to developing and manufacturing high-quality office and school supplies at consistently fair pricing.

cover material types

Cover Material Option

The premium-grade components produced by Interwell's environmentally friendly notebooks include sturdy binding, acid-free covers, and thick paper to help prevent the paper from yellowing over time.

Binding Options

Binding Options

We use state-of-the-art printing, cutting, and wire-binding machinery to produce notebooks. We can provide high-quality binding services at competitive prices.

Full Color Print

Printing Option

Our vibrant unicorn notepads are the product of our digital printing technology with accuracy, longevity, and low production costs. Short-run, full-color notebook printing is also feasible, even for small volumes.

Notebooks Sizes

Notebook Sizes

We have A4, A5, B5, and custom-sized notebooks available. Check this notebook size guide; we are glad to offer bespoke sizing for your needs.

Quality Paper Type

Paper Types

In our notebooks, we use standard white FSC paper. Because it lacks both acid and lignin, it will not age poorly or turn yellow. You can customize your papers in various hues, from pastels to neons.

Custom Package

Notebook Packaging

Utilize graphic elements like company images and logos to boost brand recognition. We offer many different types of packaging, such as blister packs, inserts,  sleeves, etc.

Custom Leather Notebooks Ordering Process

Interwell has developed and refined innovative offerings for our clientele. With our customization services across various stationery categories and keeping prices low while maintaining a strict standard of quality, we aid our clients in achieving success in both domestic and international markets.

Interwell Designer

Research & Design

  • Our company's R&D department is staffed with innovators and organized into logical teams responsible for product planning, development, and testing.
  • Researchers from our company have been working together to improve the stationery industry's supply chain, develop new materials, and identify unmet consumer demands.
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  • The typical schedule for making custom unicorn notepads is 5-7 days. Before making any final choices, you can try out a functional prototype.
  • If the sample doesn't meet your requirements, we'll revise it until it does.
  • Unless a significant order is required, samples are provided at no cost to the customer.
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  • After a final sample is approved, production can officially begin. In most cases, you may expect to wait 25–35 days for mass manufacturing to begin.
  • Customize your business stationery with a monogram, brand colors, special packaging, and more.
  • Orders for notebooks are sent to reliable outside vendors who share our standards for quality.
  • We can meet any level of accuracy required by the buyer throughout production.
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Quality Assurance

  • Our thorough quality assurance and training system allow us to monitor product quality from start to finish.
  • Our company has a strict quality control system, and we've been doing it right from the start of product development.
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  • Our stringent quality control procedures guarantee our products' high standards.
  • Everything from raw materials to final goods to the machinery and molds utilized to execute the project undergoes a thorough inspection at each stage of the manufacturing process.


  • We have a warehouse, a QC group, and carriers.
  • For samples, we typically use DHL, FedEx, TNT, UPS, and SF Express; we recommend using air or sea delivery for larger orders.
  • We'll find a shipping solution that works within your timeline and budget.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unicorn Notebook Features
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  • Trendy design. creative
  • Cute diy unicorn prints, available with plush, sequin, holographic, or hardcover.
  • Create custom patterns from the rainbow, mermaid, monster, dinosaur, etc.
  • FSC-certified paper material at a consistently fair price
  • Personalized inner pages sheets and package
Can I customize my unicorn notebooks?
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Yes. We are proud to be the industry standard for trustworthy, high-performance OEM and ODM paper products and services. Our long list of happy clients has attested to this trustworthiness. Here listed our customization service:

1. Choosing Between a Variety of Cover Printing Methods:

  • Embossing: The printing process in which a die is pressed into the cover of a notebook to create a raised design. The use of embossing can give the cover a one-of-a-kind appearance by giving it texture and dimension.
  • Debossing: It's the complete opposite of embossing. Rather than using a stamp to make an indentation on the cover, a die is pressed into the surface. This method yields a less obvious impact but can still lend texture and character to the cover.
  • Full-Color Printing: Incredibly effective for revamping a notebook's cover with colorful, attention-grabbing artwork. This makes use of many different inks to produce an extensive color palette.
  • UV Spot: Creates a shiny, eye-catching coating on the notebook's cover using ultraviolet light. Subtle features, such as logos, text, or more complex designs, can be added this way.
  • Foil Stamping: The metallic foil is stamped onto the notebook's cover to create an embossed pattern. The result is frequently a glossy, expensive look for the cover.

2. Coating Options

  • Uncoated: Uncoated paper, which has not had a coating added to it, is soft and absorbent. It's quite adaptable and makes a fantastic canvas for doodling and writing. Its low cost makes it functional in a wide variety of applications.
  • Glossy: One or both sides of gloss paper have a glossy surface. Because of their high reflectivity, they are frequently used on the covers of notebooks and other paper goods to draw attention to specific sections of text or graphics.
  • Matte: Neither gloss nor sheen characterizes this paper. Its smooth surface is great for writing and sketching, making it a popular choice for notebook covers and other paper products. You can use the smooth surface to print images or artwork.

3. Sizes

  • A6: (4.1 x 5.8 inches): The smallest among the standard sizes. You can use them for scheduling, keeping track of appointments, and making brief notes.
  • A5: (5.8 x 8.3 inches): Frequently seen in use where detailed note-taking during everyday events like meetings, lectures, and classes is required.
  • A4: (8.3 x 11.7 inches): When you need to write down a lot of material for a long presentation or set of notes, these are perfect.
  • B5 (6.9 x 9.8 inches): The size is ideal for longhand note-taking or drafting essays.
  • A3: (11.7 x 16.5 inches): Ideal for lengthy writing assignments or lengthy presentations.
  • B6: (4.9 x 6.9 inches): Almost the size of B5 paper, but not quite. It's a common size for journals and notebooks designed to fit in a pocket.

4. Paper Weight

  • The thinnest and lightest paper is 60 GSM. It's a common material for journals and pocket notebooks because they are light and portable.
  • 70 GSM paper is slightly heavier than 60 GSM paper. It's used for spiral-bound notebooks and other heavy-use notebooks.
  • 80 GSM paper is a decent standard paper weight for notebooks. It's a little more substantial and long-lasting than 70 GSM paper, but it's still quite light and easy to carry around.
  • The stronger and thicker 90 GSM paper is typically found in leather-bound or hardcover notebooks. Features include long-lasting notebooks for jotting down meeting notes or other crucial documents.
  • Specialty notebooks, such as those used for calligraphy and other artistic endeavors, frequently have 100 GSM paper.
  • The thickest and heaviest paper is 120 GSM. You'll frequently find it in high-end, specialized notebooks for artists' sketching, drawing, and other creative endeavors.
How about the MOQ?
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Our customized cute notebooks have a low MOQ of approximately 1000- 2000 pcs. Best for starting stationery businesses.

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