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Interwell is a Chinese supplier of various notebooks & stationery products. Consistent quality control. Our OEM/ODM services are offered at low prices and with low minimum order requirements.

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Partner with Interwell for Superior Stationery Brand

Interwell has worked closely with established businesses and emerging industry players to set the bar high for the stationery industry. Our products and services are unparalleled in both quality and value. Here are a few of the companies we've supported.

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The Easiest Way to Source Different Types Of Journals

To help you succeed in the stationery industry, Interwell offers innovative ideas for design and production. Our paper notebooks come in a wide range of styles and sizes, and we also provide a large range of branding and packaging options.

Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal

This is a blank notebook with numbered pages and a set of symbols, or "bullets," that categorize and mark the importance of tasks, events, and notes. This notebook keeps track of your thoughts, ideas, to-dos, and appointments.

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Flip Sequin Notebook

Flip Sequin Notebook

Features a cover made of reversible sequins. The sequins can be flipped or swiped to reveal a different color or design on the other side, allowing you to create a unique and interactive cover for your notebooks.

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Unicorn Journal

Unicorn Journal

Embellish your sparkle notebooks with a unicorn design that every kid will love. Add elements like horns, mane, and wings on the glittery cover to add a magical feel to your notebook.

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Mermaid Journal

Mermaid Journal

A mermaid-themed diary expands the range of fantastical beings we can create. Ariel from The Little Mermaid might serve as a handy design inspiration.

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Alpaca Notebook

Alpaca Notebook

If you love animals, we're sure you'll also love this. Feature the cute, long, fluffy ears and soft, woolen fur of the long-neck animal—Alpaca on your notebooks.

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Marble Journal

Marble Journal

Composition notebooks often have a marble pattern. The pattern on the cover is reminiscent of stones and is embellished with various colors to create a realistic or stylized marble pattern.

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Fulfill Your Custom Glitter Notebook Needs from Vetted Expert

Our company maintains full-color printing and paper-cutting machines to meet the ever-changing demands of our clients. We're committed to providing an exceptional OEM and ODM stationery production service.

  • We are committed to ensuring the premium quality of all our stationery items through in-house production.
  • We use FSC-certified paper to produce cute glitter notebooks to meet your brand standards.
  • Interwell offers limitless design options to help you bring your dream stationery brand to life.
  • Adheres to the standard quality process outlined in our BSCI, FSC, Sedex, USJ, Disney Fama, and other certifications.
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Interwell Workers

The Interwell Standard

Expertise and efficiency are the perfect combinations for our success.

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Top-notch Cover Material

We put a lot of review into choosing materials for our covers to ensure they will last and protect your notebooks well. We only engage with reputable vendors with the highest quality raw cover materials.

Binding Options

Accurate Binding

Our professional advice and binding equipment allow us to build the perfect notebook binding for your requirements. Our spine widths are always uniform and manufactured with precision.

Full Color Print

Printing Options

Interwell can print your notebook covers in various colors and styles. You can get the print you need for your notebooks from single-color, full-color, and spot-color printing.

Notebooks Sizes

Notebook Sizes

Customize your notebooks to different sizes for different users, such as students, professionals, or artists. Your desired portability and ease of use will determine the specifics of our customization.

Quality Paper Type

Quality Paper Types

Different types of paper suitable for different applications, such as writing, painting, drawing, or crafting, are available at Interwell. We use pulp from wood, recycled materials, or other plant fibers to create papers that are kind to the environment.

Custom Package

Custom Packaging

We provide the appropriate packaging and offer advice on making it stand out at the point of sale. You can add a unique promotional imprint at our in-house print factory or a sophisticated laser inscription.

From Glitter Notebook Sampling To Production

Our company aims to be the market leader in the stationery supplies business. We plan to develop innovative products, closely monitor quality, and give our customers the best service possible. 

Interwell Designer

Research & Development

  • The stationery items we create result from extensive research into ecologically sustainable materials.
  • We always look into fresh design ideas and collaborate with our clients to develop them.
  • Monitors developments in related technologies to ensure they are incorporated into our production pipeline.
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Precise Sampling

  • We provide free samples at the start of every major production run.
  • We subject our products to a series of tests to assess these samples' quality, durability, and appearance.
  • We improve the sample quality based on the testing results and customer feedback.
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  • Once a contract has been signed, production can begin.
  • Equipment and facilities capable of producing sparkling notebooks at a high technological level.
  • We offer flexible options for covers, designs, sizes, and bindings on all of our notebooks.
  • Highly skilled workers operate state-of-the-art machinery and equipment in our factory.
  • The Forest Stewardship Council has officially recognized us as a legitimate business.
  • Our cutting-edge printing lines and commitment to expanding our industry reach through constant innovation have enabled us to become a global leader in producing high-quality, cutting-edge, affordable sparkle notebooks.
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Quality Control

  • We conduct quality assurance checks at every production stage, from examining raw materials for flaws to evaluating finished products for accuracy and durability.
  • Dedicated quality assurance specialists monitor production and develop new ways to enhance our services.
  • We thoroughly document all quality control inspections, tests, and audits to promote transparency and accountability.
  • Our BSCI and FSC-vetted factory partner produces parts of our glitter notebooks. And our own factory handles the inspection, packaging, and shipping, enabling us to meet the bulk orders of our customers.
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  • To head off any problems and ensure everything is up to standard, we conduct client inspections and provide documentation results of the inspection.
  • The stationery products we produce all go through a full-circle inspection process.
  • We inspect our raw materials and final products with sophisticated equipment and practices for quality assurance.

On-time Shipping

  • After assembly, each diy glitter notebook is given its protective packaging.
  • Packaged securely into shipping containers and sent to you as soon as possible.
  • Learn the most up-to-date status of your shipments.
  • We can ship to any country in the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

Glitter Cover Notebook Features
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Glitter Cover Notebook Features
  • A5 Size(148*215mm)/custom size
  • Eye-Cathing, stylish, unique
  • OEM/ODM for cover prints, logo, interior page design, and packaging
  • Lined, blank, or dotted grid pages to choose from
  • Hardcover or wide binding options available, personalized inner sheets
  • Rounded corners to prevent dog-ear
Can I add my artwork and idea to the cover and pages?
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You can personalize all our jot glitter notebooks and notepads with your artwork or text on the front and back covers. In addition, you can tailor a notebook or journal to your specific requirements by selecting from a wide range of customizable features, such as:

  • Different colors: purple, pink, black, and silver glitter notebooks
  • Binding options: Saddle stitch, Singer sewed, Spiral, and Comb Binding
  • Page Options: Blank, Lined, Dotted Grid glitter journals
  • Finishing: Gloss, Matte

For a one-of-a-kind notebook designed around your ideas, our team is here to help.

What is your MOQ?
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To provide consistent competitive pricing, our Glitter notebooks and stationery sets with a single notebook require a MOQ of 1000pcs.

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