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Sequin Notebook

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Reversible Sequin Notebook: Sparkle Your Notes

  • Smooth writing surface
  • Sparkling sequin cover that doesn't flake off
  • Eye-catching design
  • Adhesive bonded
  • CMYK printed
  • Ruled, Unruled Pages

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Sequin fabric, commonly used in apparel and home decor, makes a fantastic notebook cover. The sequins used in our notebooks are created by stamping out tiny disks of material and applying metallic or iridescent paint for a shimmering appearance. The sequins on our notebooks are of the highest quality, providing a unique sheen, texture, and tactile experience that piques the reader's interest.

  • Product size: 14.5*21.5cm
  • Inner page: 1 color printing, 70 gsm, 80 sheets
  • Single set weight: 333 g
  • Adhesive binding
  • Package: 24pcs per carton
  • Carton size: 33x24x23.5 cm
  • G.W.: 9/8 kgs
  • Minimum order quantity: 1,000 pcs

Product Features

Sparkle with Style and Unique User Experience

This sequin-covered notebook is perfect for adding a touch of glamour to your daily life. The sequins on the cover can be flipped to reveal new designs, making it a fun and interactive experience for kids and adults. The standard A5 size of 14.5*21.5cm is perfect for regular note-taking and is small and light enough to carry in your handbag or backpack.

Cover Thickness and Material

The sequin fabric used for the notebook's cover is of the highest quality and will brighten up any day. All the sequins on the cover are firmly affixed so they won't come loose. The thick cover ensures the inner pages will remain in fine condition despite heavy use.

Number and Weight of Inner Pages

The notebook's 80 inner pages are 70g in weight and printed in black and white. The high-quality paper provides a smooth writing surface, and the generous page count is perfect for those who like to jot down notes, draw, or write a lot.

The Printing Method

The CMYK colour model is the standard in the printing industry. Colorful and crisp prints will make your design stand out. Our expert printers inspect every sheet for proper registration and consistent color.

Laminating Method

We use a high-quality laminating process to make the notebook last longer. This notebook is extremely durable due to the lamination process. It also prevents the pages from wrinkling and the cover of wear and tear.

Binding Method

The notebook is bound with adhesive binding, a common method in professional settings. It is a reliable method of binding that prevents pages from separating. Writing or drawing on both pages is made simple by the adhesive binding of this notebook because you can open it flatly and use both pages at once.

Our Expertise

Customized Packaging

We offer unique packaging solutions for glitter notebooks, including individual boxes, sleeves, and wrapping paper. Our team collaborates with you to create standout, custom packaging.

Eco-friendly Materials

We understand the growing demand for eco-friendly products. That's why we offer stationery made from recycled paper, printed with soy-based ink, and packaged in compostable materials.

Sample Approval

Receive a design proof in 3–5 days. Our experts will ensure everything is perfect before production. Our samples are made with the same high-quality materials and processes as the final product.


Our standard minimum order for sequin-covered notebooks is one thousand, ensuring the best price and ample supply. For special requests or smaller orders, please contact us.

White Labeling

Expand your brand with our white labeling service. Sell our high-quality products under your brand, maintaining creative control over design. We offer white labeling for various stationery supplies and work closely with clients to meet their branding needs.

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