Customized Pop-it Pencil Case Manufacturer

Interwell makes your custom pop it pencil case production seamless, delivering quality products tailored to your needs. Enjoy a fun, fidget-friendly stationery item that's built to last.

  • Wide range of color and design options
  • Customizable shapes and sizes
  • High-quality, durable silicone material
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Building Strong Relationships with Businesses Worldwide

Interwell is a wholesale supplier of high-quality Chinese stationery to international entrepreneurs and specialized businesses. We've established relationships with over 1000+ retailers and manufacturers. Our customers' testimonials attest to our commitment to quality and service.

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Interwell has been my pencil case manufacturer for a while, and I'm always impressed with their product's quality. The materials are premium, and the designs are always up to date. They have various colors and styles, so I can always find something that fits my needs.

Ashley Jull

Ordering with Interwell was a very smooth process. I did not expect that I could order swiftly, even if I were a new client. Our company researched a lot of pencil case manufacturers, but Interwell is the only company that assisted me patiently from the start. I will order again next time.


Interwell was recommended by some of the people I know from the industry. I was told of their services and was interested in partnering due to the good reviews. I trusted them with the first run of our leather pencil cases and became very satisfied with their service!


Your Trusted Partner for Customized Rainbow Pop-it Pencil Cases

Since 2003, Interwell Stationery has produced, distributed, and exported various pencil cases. Our seasoned executives have us racing, allowing us to keep up with the ever-changing market. We offer:

Extensive Industry Experience

Thanks to our extensive background in the industry and extensive knowledge, we have built out a unique niche for ourselves in this industry.

Large Scale Production

We can produce large quantities for better cost control and turnaround times.

Lean Manufacturing

Just in Time (JIT) production for reduced costs, increased efficiency, and higher quality product production.

Total Quality Management (TQM)

For better quality control in production.


We offer various ways to customize every product depending on your demand.

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Interwell Workers

Experience the Variety of Our Pop It Stationery

Our pop-it pouches come in various accessories you can use for any application. Available in multiple styles and colors, it's easy to customize your stationery items to match your style and needs. Our product range includes:

Pop it Pencil Topper

Pop it Pencil Topper

Made of soft silicone, featuring a suction cup for stability. Choose from various shapes and colors.

Pop-it Notebook

Pop-it Notebook

A sensory fidget notebook great for relieving stress and pressure. The cover's bubble-like shape provides a satisfying "pop".

Pop-it Ruler

Pop-it Ruler

A standard ruler made of Polystyrene with silicone bubbles for stress relief. Perfect measuring tool for inches (12) and cm (30).

Pop-it Notepad

Pop-it Notepad

A smaller, pocket-friendly version of a pop-it notebook with the same bubble-like cover design.

Pop-it Fidget Notebook with Pencil Case

Pop-it Fidget Notebook with Pencil Case

A 3-in-1 benefit - a toy, notebook, and pencil case, making it a versatile accessory.

Lock Diary with Pop it Fidget Toy

Lock Diary with Pop it Fidget Toy

Features a lock-and-key diary with a small keychain pop-it toy.

Your Go-To Source for Custom Pop It Pencil Cases

Experience a hassle-free process from design to delivery with Interwell, your trusted partner for high-quality, customizable pop it pencil cases.

Pop-it Pencil Cases

Get Your Bulk Custom Notebooks in Easy Steps

Designing your brand's ideal pencil box and finding a dependable manufacturer can be challenging. Here's how we handle every order efficiently:

1. Sourcing

We start by identifying and sourcing materials from reliable, certified suppliers.

2. Design & Sampling

We develop and create a prototype to ensure it meets your specifications.

3. Manufacturing

Once the sample is approved, we create the pencil cases by the design specifications.

4. Quality Control

The finished products are inspected for defects to ensure quality meets the desired standards.

5. Shipping & Delivery

Once everything is assembled and packaged, we prepare to ship the products. Each order has complete shipping information so that it will be sent correctly to our customers.

The Interwell Standard

Interwell has been taking the suggestions of clients who are experts in their respective industries into account as it strives to enhance quality, efficiency, and capacity. We offer:

  • Quality Management: Our quality assurance specialists are frequently dispatched to the factories where outside parties make our products. By doing so, we can ensure that our partners' manufacturing procedures are up to grade.
  • Factory Audits: To guarantee that the final product meets market expectations, we conduct thorough audits, including on-site visits to our facility and the factory we outsource.
  • Countless Unique Patterns: Our unique goods appeal to many customers. We have pencil boxes, pens, stickers, paper clips, coloring supplies, and more.
  • Visual Identity: Our portfolio may have a different example of your idea, but we also offer customized solutions. A logo or text of your choice can be imprinted on our cases.
  • Competitive Pricing: We're ready to take your bulk orders now! Every pencil case we market is made from authentic, high-quality materials, and we offer them at an affordable price.
  • OEM/ODM Pencil Case: 100% customizable! We provide custom imprinting services for pencil cases with your company logo or other designs.
  • Fast Shipping: Our well-managed supply chain lets customers receive their orders on time.
  • Flexible Order Requirements: We understand that customers may only sometimes need to order in large quantities, so we offer smaller MOQs for specific products. We only need an initial order of 1,000-3,000 pieces, ideal for experimental projects or limited manufacturing runs. We can also adjust our production levels according to customers' specifications to accommodate your hectic schedule.

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