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Interwell, a leading stationery manufacturer since 2003, offers a wide range of personalized pencil cases. Choose us for:

  • Stylish and functional designs tailored to your needs
  • A diverse stationery product portfolio to suit all occasions
  • Prompt delivery for your convenience
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Partnering with Global Brands for Premium Stationery

Interwell is a trusted supplier of high-end Chinese stationery in bulk. We cater to international entrepreneurs and niche enterprises, building relationships with over a thousand retailers and brands. Join our network! Our customers' experiences speak volumes about our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction:

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I've been working with Interwell for 5 years. Their expertise in OEM/ODM of various stationery items like our branded notebooks, pens, and leather zip pencil cases is exceptional. We rely on Interwell for capital projects and other packaging and design modification projects.


Our partnership with Interwell has met our expectations. We experienced it during the first two runs of our projects (hardcover notebooks and pencil cases). Thanks to their customer-oriented services, the ordering process has been smooth sailing ever since. We launched our new products earlier than expected thanks to their prompt production.


In general, the project team is strong in their skill sets. Their products and services met our needs, although we have dealt with some road bumps. The staff ensured that expectations and requirements were well-understood upfront and throughout the development and production cycle.


Your Reliable Source for Bulk School Supplies

With 20 years of experience manufacturing and exporting a wide range of pencil cases, we offer numerous options, including Pop-it pencil boxes, leather, clear pencil cases, and more. Our seasoned design team adapts to the ever-shifting market, providing:

Affordable and Customizable Products

We strike a balance between offering competitive prices and high-quality items. We keep a close watch on market trends to adjust our prices accordingly. Additionally, our OEM & ODM Services are designed to cater to the specific needs of our customers.

Quality Management

We believe in quality over quantity. Our rigorous quality control methods ensure our customers receive only the best products.

Fast Shipping

We've streamlined our processes to ensure the prompt delivery of our products.

Open Factory Inspections

We believe in transparency. Our factory environment is open for audits and inspections, reflecting our commitment to honesty and integrity.

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Craft Your Unique Collection of Personalised Pencil Pouches

Our diverse range of customized pencil cases serves various purposes. We continually expand our product line through research and development to ensure we can fulfill your requests.

Aesthetic Pencil Case

Aesthetic Pencil Case

Functional and stylish. Choose from classic black leather cases with a zipper closure, or opt for brightly colored and patterned cases made of canvas or leather, complete with internal pockets and compartments.

pop it pencil case

Pop it Pencil Case

Innovative and versatile. These cases are made from non-toxic silicone and feature a bubble-shaped lid. Pushing the "bubbles" on your notebook creates a satisfying popping noise, adding fun to your writing experience.

Clear Pencil Case

Clear Pencil Case

Crafted from transparent plastic material for easy visibility. These cases typically have a zip closure to secure your pens and pencils and can be decorated with patterned designs.

Plastic Pencil Case

Plastic Pencil Case

Constructed from durable polycarbonate material, these cases are designed to withstand everyday wear and tear. Unlike clear pencil cases with zip closures, these cases feature a snap closure.

Colored Pencil Case

Colored Pencil Case

The perfect organizational tool for artists! These cases are typically made from canvas or nylon and are brightly colored. They often feature several sections with elastic to efficiently organize pencils and other art supplies.

Zipper Pencil Case

Zipper Pencil Case

A multi-zip pencil case features multiple zippered compartments to help organize pencils, pens, erasers, and other small school supplies. Made of cloth with multiple zippers, you can open it at any point while the others remain closed.

Navigating Your Order and Understanding Interwell's Unique Offerings

Finding a reliable manufacturer and creating a unique design for a pencil box that represents your company might be difficult. Learn more about how swiftly and effectively we process every order while maintaining our unwavering commitment to quality.

leather pencil pouch

Effortless Ordering of Custom Notebooks in Bulk

1. Sourcing

We begin by determining what materials your preferred luxury pencil case needs and finding dependable sources. It is important to us that our partners share the same level of certifications as we do.

2. Ideas and Samples

After that, we design the custom leather pen case and make a prototype to ensure the final product meets your requirements.

3. Production

After the sample has been approved, we can make the pencil cases according to the design specifications. Leather stationery cases can be made by tailoring the materials to size and stitching them together.

4. Quality Assurance

The final step in the production process is a thorough quality inspection to identify flaws and guarantee that the product is up to par. As part of our quality control measures, we'll have an in-house quality officer inspect the production procedure and the final product.

5. Distribution and Shipping

When the final touches have been put on the products and are ready for shipment, we will send them out. All orders are prepared for delivery with specific shipping details. Guaranteed delivery status updates are also included.

Interwell: Your Bulk Stationery Supplies Partner

Interwell has been listening to the advice of clients who are well-versed in their various markets regarding improving quality, efficiency, or capacity. Due to our long-standing relationships with our clients, we understand their unique struggles inside and out. This knowledge is essential to come up with creative solutions to their challenges.

We can provide practical solutions through this collaborative effort. Additionally, when you place an order with Interwell, you will enjoy the following:

  • Flexible Minimum Order Quantity: We understand that every client's needs differ. That's why we offer flexible MOQ options, ranging from 1,000 to 3,000 pcs.
  • Capacity to accommodate bulk orders for an affordable price.
  • Implementation of Total Quality Management (TQM) for enhanced quality assurance.
  • Just-in-time (JIT) production or lean manufacturing to cut costs while boosting productivity and product quality.
  • 100% customization on all our products.

A Vast Assortment of Designs

Our novelty items cater to a large demographic, so shop with confidence. In addition to a wide variety of notebooks, journals, sketchbooks, planners, and diaries, we also have a wide variety of pencil cases, pens, stickers, paper clips, coloring materials, and other stationery accessories. The range of sizes, shapes, colors, materials, etc., is extensive.

Designs can range from colorful and attention-grabbing to intricate and detailed patterns. We also provide personalized plans, allowing clients to express their individuality.

Branding Solutions

If you have yet to find what you're looking for in our gallery, don't worry; we also provide solutions tailored to your objectives. We recommend using our design assistance if you order significant stationery goods.

Our designers will work with you to brainstorm design options, incorporate your feedback into the creative process, and provide any other assistance. We guarantee to collaborate with you to develop the most valuable features for your products. Our cases come with a custom imprint of your logo or message.

Flexible Manufacturing

Timetable Our flexible production schedule allows us to adapt our manufacturing capacity to meet the needs of individual clients, meaning production can go up or down as needed to adjust to consumer demands. Because of this, we can adapt rapidly to new opportunities, increase efficiency, decrease expenses, and provide better customer service.

Our Services for Brand Owners, Manufacturers, Suppliers, and Wholesalers

For Brand Owners

As one of China's premier stationery manufacturers, we've assisted numerous companies in achieving their ideal leather stationery case concepts from the beginning. We'll be at your side every step, ensuring that your needs are articulated and that the perfect stationery solutions for your business are successfully implemented.

For Manufacturers and Suppliers

We have a cutting-edge manufacturing facility where we can produce various high-quality goods to meet the needs of your target market. If you're looking for a school and office supplier, look beyond our simplified production procedures to find the highest quality outsourcing options and stationery accessories.

The Wholesale Market

We are one of the most well-equipped PU leather pencil case manufacturers in the country, and as a result, we can supply you with the best leather cases at highly competitive prices. Thus, we can work with you to guarantee that you can offer competitive pricing to your customers.

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