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Pencil Case
Pencil Case
Pencil Case
Don’t let your pencils, pens, markers, and crayons wander off any more. Keep everything in order with our pencil cases or pouches that come with eye-catching patterns.

We’ve prepared a variety of pencil cases for kids to take to school. There are clear pencil cases designed for exams season, adorable ones for fun storage, and large ones for serious study sessions. Plus, we also have the latest designs and fashions including metallic, narwhal, unicorn, outer-space series, and more. Come on! Time to find a hip home for your favorite school essentials!
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Why Choose Interwell Stationery?
The streamlined supply chain for stationery supply
We put most of the productions in our own factory to spend less energy searching manufactories. Developed over years, we seamlessly integrate the injection, printing, inspection, and packaging process. We keep optimizing manufacturing lines to establish a healthy producing environment.
Great Experience in Design and Development
With the support of our strong graphic and 3D design team, we are able to capture your ideas effectively. Our design team creates the most creative stationery supply in the industry! Tell us what you want, we will make it from concept to your ideal products.
Quality Control - Inspections & Supplier Audits
Interwell developed a set of rigorous internal and external safety testing system to ensure the conformity of all our products. And our factory is audited by BSCI, FSC, Disney FAMA, Sedex, and USJ. We are always trying to produce the best quality products possible to meet customer’s satisfaction.
Perfect Warehousing, Inventory, and Logistics Solution
We have a self-owned warehouse that provides a decent capacity for storage. It helps us to complete the supply chain and eliminates unnecessary expenses. We maintain our cost to the minimal with on-time safe delivery, which reduces logistics cost for clients.
 Pencil Case Supplier in China
Interwell Stationery is an experienced wholesale pencil case suppliers in China; we manufacture quality pencil cases with moderate price and excellent service since 2003. Our pencil pouches come in a wide range of trendy designs, materials, colors, packages to fulfill every customer’s request. Besides, our designers are experts in the industry; we can help to create the latest design with excellent display proposals for your project. Contact us with any questions.
 Pencil Case Manufacturers
Choosing Interwell Stationery as your pencil case manufacturer and supplier allows you to spend less time on selecting reliable suppliers in China. Our Sedex-Audited factory manufactures high quality pencil pouches that comply with testing standards of the market. We not only guarantee our clients superior supply capability, impeccable product quality but also moderate price. For more advantages that Interwell offers are:

# 1 Customize Your Pencil Case with Heart
Our R&D Division keeps on discovering the latest design, following the famous stationery exhibitions and social media trends. These enable us to understand your design requirements quickly. We will provide you with knowledgeable design services, including FREE prototyping, Free catalog, and display design.
Get expert tips right now; let's support your pencil case project with perfect performance, design, material, package, etc., together.

# 2 Exclusive Services
Interwell is committed to providing high-level services throughout the production process. Our experienced quality control team monitors the raw material, trial samples, and defective parts to give you a 100% satisfied order experience. With our extensive industry experience, we can guarantee you valued goods with on-time delivery.
# 3 Multiple Selections
We are not only a pencil case manufacturer; we also provide school stationery supplies for your business, including paper notebooks, erasers, pencil sharpeners, ball pens, highlighters, and more. Let us know if you have any specific needs; we will be available 24/7.
 Pencil Cases Packaging
Interwell stationery provides professional package solutions to help your products stand out when displaying. We mainly use a display box, color box, PP Box, blister card for your pencil cases, all of them will be well packed in case of being squeezed or shaped. Also, we are flexible in taking your advice if you have your way of packing.
 Safety Material For Pencil Cases
Interwell is committed to using non-toxic material for all of our pencil cases. We provide a wide range of materials for your needs, including EVA, leather, Pvc, plastic, plush, fabric, and sequin, which are tested under a rigorous system and comply with REACH Annex XVII, Entry 43, 51 & 52.
 Warehousing Service
In addition to manufacturing the best pencil cases, Interwell also provides warehousing and delivery services. If you don't have the ideal warehouse or forwarder in China, we can help! We will make sure every single item is stored properly, and find the right forwarder for you.
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