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Need to add extra color in your life? Interwell highlighters are going to take you to the world that contains full of colors. From glass bottle shaped highlighter to lipstick shaped one, they disguise in various shapes. Also, they come in multiple colors, you will never get tired of highlighting the words or a passage.

What’s more, the sweet-scented highlighters serve the delightfulness aroma and bring joy to your study or work. Find our six in one highlighter here and save a lot of hassle, you could just bring one with you to have all the colors. Pick your color, and start your work or study with Interwell highlighters.

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Why Choose Interwell Stationery?
The streamlined supply chain for stationery supply
We put most of the productions in our own factory to spend less energy searching manufactories. Developed over years, we seamlessly integrate the injection, printing, inspection, and packaging process. We keep optimizing manufacturing lines to establish a healthy producing environment.
Great Experience in Design and Development
With the support of our strong graphic and 3D design team, we are able to capture your ideas effectively. Our design team creates the most creative stationery supply in the industry! Tell us what you want, we will make it from concept to your ideal products.
Quality Control - Inspections & Supplier Audits
Interwell developed a set of rigorous internal and external safety testing system to ensure the conformity of all our products. And our factory is audited by BSCI, FSC, Disney FAMA, Sedex, and USJ. We are always trying to produce the best quality products possible to meet customer’s satisfaction.
Perfect Warehousing, Inventory, and Logistics Solution
We have a self-owned warehouse that provides a decent capacity for storage. It helps us to complete the supply chain and eliminates unnecessary expenses. We maintain our cost to the minimal with on-time safe delivery, which reduces logistics cost for clients.
 How do you pack your highlighters?
For the highlighters packing, Interwell provides the color box. We do also take your advice to corporate your idea of packing.
 Do you test your highlighters for safety?
Yes. We take safety very seriously. Since we carry the high standard on our products, every single highlighter is made with high-quality materials and tested rigorously through internal and external safety testing system.
Besides, we periodically conduct a third-party quality audit to obtain an unbiased inspection report, including SGS, TUV, Eurofins, CTS, etc.
 Get your multiple designs on Interwell's highlighters.
With our design team experts delivering our company's concepts and productive machines of our very own, we succeed to turn the ideas into reality. They made those highlighters more vibrant and chromatic. Thus, we have faith to pass the idea to the end-users. Contact our design team if you want to put your ideas on highlighters.
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