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We offer creative stationery items
Our R&D Division monitors market trends to offer customized strategies for our clients. Our team of product designers and engineers is ready to assist throughout the product development process, from planning to completion.
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 A variety of colors and designs
Interwell never ceases to expand new features and develop new series of the stationery. To create colorful and eye-catching ‘state of the art’ that makes kids instantly fall in love is our priority. Some exaggerated and bold designs make us a bit extra and unique. As well as multi-color use or black and white simplification provides the diversity of the options. We don’t set the limit on design, and we keep it open as much possible as we can.
 We provide Plastic Injection Molding Service
Self-develop ability with a self-owned factory creates lots of possibilities. With our excellent 3D graphic designer, easily convert your 3D part data into a high-quality injection mould. Or you can save your energy just by telling us, our team of designers with practical experience of creating a design specific to the manufacturing process and easy to engineer for production. From design to prototype, it only takes three weeks. We also assist our clients in reducing costs and time for projects.
 Interwell’s concept
Interwell is now more focusing on production, especially the quality of the products. Reinforcing quality control is a key component of sustainability. Owning to the market transformation gradually from functionality to visual beauty, we started to create a new series to meet the client’s and market’s needs. We try to think from a kid’s perspective and incorporate the client’s idea to create a ’wonderland’ of kid’s stationery.
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