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How Are Wooden Pencils Made?

By Lucia
27 January 2021
Are you looking for a reliable pencil supplier in China? Please feel free to view our pencil catalog and have a quick view of how we produce pencils step by step.
Through the following steps, you will witness how to transform wood blocks into a pile of pencils. Making pencils is an intense process.

1. The pencils’ body

As you know, the pencils’ body is made of timber. That timber the factory typically uses is pre-cut from timber blocks into slats at sawmills.

When it comes to choosing wood, we need a type of wood soft enough to sharpen yet strong enough not to bend under the writer's hand pressure. Poplar or linden will be the best choice.
Our factory will
bake, chemical-softened, wax, and stain the slats to ensure the materials' quality before manufacturing. Then all slats will have a consistent color and a smooth surface.

2. Grooving

These slats need to one by one pass under a cutting wheel that carves grooves. By doing this, the grooves can become the channel that holds the graphite pencil lead perfectly.
But before that, the machine fills the grooves with slightly elastic glue made of the special formulation. The glue acts as a cushion for the lead so that it's less likely to break inside the channel. Now it's time to load the lead.


3. Sandwich slats

After inserting the glue and lead, the next machine will close another timber slat with glue. You can think of it as a lead sandwich.
The glue needs time to dry. This process is done by a mechanical plunger to squeeze the slats then convey them to the drying wheel.
Have you ever noticed how some pencils look like they have a little line through them?
That's because two pieces of slats were glued together, and you can see where they meet.

4. Milling the pencils

After that, it’s just a matter of slicing the sandwiches into pencils. The machine can mill the pencils into different shapes, such as hexagon, round, or triangle. From there, the pencils separate out of the sandwich into individual pieces.
Finally, saws cut apart all the individual pencils.

5. Paint the pencils

In order to dress the bare wood, these pencils have to go through polishing before they are ready for lacquer coating. This process is done by a device called lacquering head, adding color and sheen for them.

After painting, these pencils will move to another conveyor belt. The machine can print the logo by stamping and print patterns by heat transfer printing.
Stamping the pencils

6. Adding the rubber eraser

The last stop is the rubber tip assembly machine. It will squeeze the top of the pencil to slide on an aluminum ferrule. Then, it inserts a rubber eraser into the ferrule’s other end and squeezes that tight.

7. Sharpening pencil head

The pencils are finally ready to roll across a grinding drum for sharpening, usually cutting into 7” or 3.5”. By the time they roll off, they’re pointed perfection.
In the end, here are some pictures of our pencil factory.
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This article is mainly to introduce how Interwell stationery manufactures pencils. Through the following steps, you will witness how to transforms wood blocks into a pile of pencils.