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5 Steps to Create a Brand New Stationery Collection

By Lucia
13 January 2021

In this article, I will introduce how we develop the stationery items at Interwell Stationery, in other words, how we turn the idea into a product and launch it finally.

Below are the 5 steps of the product development flow.

 Identify Client Needs And Measure The Opportunity
The starting point for all Interwell’s product development is to analyze the needs of current and potential customers, including:
● Levels of satisfaction with what the competition is offering
● Consumption habits
● Technical possibilities for improving

To keep monitoring market trends, we use some tools (such as Jungle Scout) to track the hot-sellers and analyze the segment or segments that the product is geared toward and predict future buying habits as much as possible. 

We pay attention to everything about best-sellers, Including:
● sales volume
● brand
profit margin, and more

Jungle Scout Screenshot

  Develop the concept
Coming up with the concept of a novel stationery item is great and all, but we’ve also got to design the thing.
To make the products beyond the concept stage and into production successfully, our product department needs to consider all the factors, including:
● Price
● Color
● Trendy design
● Material
● Testing
● Package for display and delivery
● Sampling and Production Time, and more.
These are key to our new product development.


 Tweaks and revisions
Our designer team will start to create after the comprehensive study of the product. During this period, we also get advice from clients to collect first-hand feedback.
A perfect effect drawing finishes after many discussions and revisions between the designer and product director.
The best products aren't usually the result of great leaps forward, but of little changes that make a good innovation or concept into a great product that you can sell. We believe that incorporating the feedback we receive about our product into tweaks and revisions takes it from good to great.



Effect Drawing of Dachshund Collection


 Responsible sourcing
Now it is time to make the product concept into reality indeed.
Our Product Dept. will select the right suppliers at the right price. We decide based on quality control, service, price, delivery time, and testing issues objectively.
After that, we will arrange the sampling. We make most of the samples in our factory; our certified partners (which may pass BSCI, Sedex, FSC, Etc.) will take care of the rest.


Get the Dachshund Pencil Pouch!


  Launch and recommend

Once we’ve got the new product in place, we need to figure out a marketing strategy to make this product/collection suggested to clients better.
But it’s not the end. We will continue evaluating and innovating the product to help keep our eye on the future.




5 Steps of the product development flow at Interwell Stationery, see how we turn the idea into a product and launch it finally.