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5 Essentials to get ready for an amazing school year

By Lucia
13 January 2021

What does every child need to help them live out their space dreams?
Mighty rockets, shiny spacesuits, and Mars exploration mission, oh my! Our new Space Stationery Collection is filled with some of the coolest stationery that sparkles and glimmers like star sky to transform your school desk into a mystical expedition base.


1. Pop-Out Multifunction Pencil Case

Choose a multifunction pencil case to start the new school year off on the right foot with everything you need already included.
This Pop-Out Pencil Case sure pops! Consists of an interactive push button to pop out pencil sharpeners with 2 holes that can always keep your pencils sharp.
If you need to store some accessories, there’s a mini drawer compartment that’s perfect for an eraser or clips.
Never worry about the messy pens & pencils because two main compartments (one of which with inbuilt pen slots!) with magnetic closure will help you get your favorite school supplies organized.


2. Outer-Space Water Bottle

The sun is still going strong, and your kid is most probably avoiding drinking water.
When they are in school, parents can’t help but wonder if their children have enough water. One great way is to send them off to school with a cute water bottle with adequate capacity and vacuum insulation.
Stay hydrated all day long for kids thanks to this outer-space water bottle!
This fun water bottle features a Klein blue colored lid with colorful space patterns and a clear straw.
Kids love drinking water since then!


3. Lunch Bag

The astronaut is cool. There is no question about it.
To get your children to finish their lunch at school, pack the meals in Outer-Space themed lunch bag. Then mealtime will be a real space adventure, and kids will secretly love to flaunt it.
This lightweight lunch tote bag is excellent for keeping your kid’s lunch fresh when going to school.
Plus, they can easily fold it down and throw it into the tote or backpack with their little hands at the end of the day!


4. 24 Pack Color Pencils

“Color is the fruit of life,” wrote the French poet Apollinaire. We couldn’t agree more, which is why we boxed up 24 of the gorgeous pencils we could find in this collection, to add poetry to everything from grade-school landscapes to grocery lists.
These pencils are fantastic, convenient, and ready to tag along on your adventures.

5. Rocket Stationery Set

How to prepare school supplies quickly for the upcoming back-to-school season?
This set is packed full of everything you need for school or home writing, including a mechanical pencil, a notepad, a pencil sharpener, a ruler, and more.
The delightful Outer-Space Notebook has teamed up with the 6 colorful highlighters to make school time and homework much more fun. 
Time is running out to get your hands on the latest trends in school accessories!
Now give your stationery items a stylish upgrade with Interwell's Outer-Space Collection and make your child's first day of term colorful and bright.



Refresh your desk with cool astronaut, space vehicle and colorful planets in Interwell’s Space Stationery Collection! You will easily find pencil cases, notebooks, rubbers and more, all full of novelty and loveliness.